IGN UK Streetpass Event Report – 08 Sep 11

Tonight (08 Sep 11) IGN UK held their first Streetpass event at the Blue Posts, Newman Street, London.  This event followed on from the success of the 100th Podcast Party and allowed the IGN UK staff to engage with their readers on a more personal level.

The event was well attended, and took over half of the upper floor of the Blue Posts.  Gaming talk took place, movie talk took place, there was a Batman quiz with some awesome prizes and we got to get the Mii’s of some of the IGN UK staff.

Tom bought Reeesy and I a drink and then Reeesy and I set the world straight about the Wire.

I look forward to the next one IGN UK peeps.

3 Responses to “IGN UK Streetpass Event Report – 08 Sep 11”
  1. Raza ラザ says:

    This was fun 😀


  2. I wandered past the Blue Posts at about 7pm by coincidence and it looked insanely busy so I just walked on by to the Glasshouse Stores instead :p I won’t go to one of these until they choose a time & place that’s not Soho just after everyone finishes work.


    • StealthBuda says:

      You missed out mate. We were upstairs with the IGN crew in a small private area. I arrived late and there were still plenty of seats.



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