Star Fox 64 3D – Review

Title: Star Fox 64 3D
Genre: Shooter
System: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

I should start this review by stating that I have always been a big fan of this game. I played the original on the N64 to death and have also downloaded it from the Virtual Console on Wii. I could play the game everyday and not get bored with it and I envy all those who have never played it before, where the new 3DS version is their first experience of it.

In Star Fox 64 3D you take on the role of Fox McCloud in his role as leader of the Star Fox team. Piloting an Arwing, an all-range ship, as well as the Landmaster which is a single person tank and the Blue-Marine sub, you play through various missions on a quest to reach the planet Venom and to save the Lylat System from Andross, the mad scientist. Originally released on Nintendo 64 nearly 15 years ago as Lylat Wars in the UK, this is classic Nintendo; memorable characters, a great story and classic, addictive gameplay that you’ll want to enjoy over and over again.

Like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before it, Nintendo have remastered a classic title for release on it’s newest console, and what a great job they have done once again. The game is a joy to play, with the action hotting up at times as you take on a multitude of enemies on screen at once, without any sign of slow down on the 3DS. The visuals are stunning, from impressive water effects to the detailed, remastered character, enemy and vehicle models. The 3D effect is impressive, if not a little subtle once you get used to it and the sound is also excellent with some classic tunes and great, if not a little cheesy, voice acting for the characters.

Good luck!
The game features Gyro controls, allowing you to move the console around to fly your Arwing. Used in conjunction with standard slide pad movement, which is still active with this option selected, it can be fun to play in this way, with the ability to reset the console to the ‘neutral’ position when you like by a press of the ‘b’ button. I found this to be very handy as I found myself out of alignment a couple of times, but gyro controls does mean the 3D effect is lost as you move the console out of that ‘sweet-spot’. My preference after practising with the control methods available is to stick with the slide pad and push that 3D slider up to the maximum.

Missions in the game are either scrolling, where your vehicle moves forward continuously, or ‘all-range’ where you free fly around a fixed sized space meaning that your ship automatically does a u-turn when you get to the edge. Each mission ends in a boss fight too, which are great fun to play through.

‘The Forever Train’ mission, set on the planet Macbeth is a fantastic example of the variety that the missions in this game can deliver. As you battle your way across land in the Landmaster, your team mates fly about above and ahead of you, constantly getting into trouble that require your assistance, taking out the enemies on their tale all the while blasting at the carriages of the train that you follow to the end of the mission. Intuitive, easy to master controls mean you’ll be barrel rolling your Landmaster across the train track, hovering over obstacles and shooting the enemies like second nature.

Clearing a mission unlocks it in Score Attack mode so that you can play through again to rack up high scores and gather medals. This a great new feature of this version of Star Fox 64, meaning you can go back to your favourite missions without playing through the story mode each time. Combined with alternate routes in the story mode that lead to new planets if you meet the required criteria in each mission, as well as the multi-player Battle mode that allows 4 player match ups with just one copy of the game between 4, there’s plenty to do in the game once you finish the main story, which is honestly quite easy. With a harder ‘Nintendo 64’ mode, as well as Expert Mode too though, there’s enough of a challenge too.

A fantastic game that deserves a place in your collection, Star Fox 64 3D is a game that has to be experienced first hand to understand how addictive and fun it is to play. Whilst this is yet another first party game that doesn’t make use of Streetpass and Spotpass, enjoy this for what it is; the very best version of an excellent, action packed adventure that shows what the 3DS can do when those geniuses at Nintendo put their mind to it.

Wes’ score: 9/10

3 Responses to “Star Fox 64 3D – Review”
  1. Reeesy says:

    Great review Wes. I have been hooked on this all weekend. It’s amazing!


    • nintymadden says:

      Will be getting this when I head over to London. Expect some multiplayer action!! 🙂


      • Feeling kind of bad now that I’ve chosen not to get it. Just think I played the hell out of it back in the day. Might pick it up second hand sometime down the line though.


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