Tokyo Game Show Week Starts Now

Well this is it!… The Tokyo Game Show week kicks off today! The second largest gaming industry event after E3. All major gaming sites and publication outlets should now be on location. As you might have already gathered from our Twitter and facebook feeds, I myself am already in Tokyo and representing our Nintendo Scene site. Press passes to hand for the industry half of the event as well as access to the public days. It should all be a very exciting event from every angle. Even though Nintendo is not officially exhibiting at the main TGS event there will be plenty of Nintendo related gaming news for me to cover. This page here details exactly how we plan to bring you anything and everything relevant from the show. Am also looking forward to what should be an epic StreetPass fest.

The first major announcement will be Nintendo’s own pre Tokyo Game Show Conference tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th) at noon here in Japan (that’s 4am on the 13th for our readers in the UK, and 23:00 on the 12th for our readers in New York). Expect some real tangible news for the console as well as a road map announcement for the 3DS console’s success. We’ll be covering it live via our twitter feed here, with a report soon afterwards.

The next day will be Sony’s own conference covering what should mainly be their PS Vita console. As you guessed we won’t be covering it here. But we’ll be watching and you can too via this link.

If you have any thoughts, questions or requests on our coverage, please do let me know via the comments below.

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