Mario Kart 7 Box Art Revealed

It’s been another jam packed day of Nintendo news here at Nintendo Scene. More so for Mario Kart 7, which has seen a new trailer, a release date and now the unveiling of the box art!

The design not only shows off Mario’s stylish new blue chassis, but also the ability to fly as Luigi soars over head.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to “Mario Kart 7 Box Art Revealed”
  1. Steve T. says:

    I like this box. Looks like it shows off everything the game is about, custom kart mechanics with Bowser, the flying aspect with Luigi, and it all comes home with Mario. Good job Nintendo, I liked the Wii box but didn’t really have anywhere to go but up from it, as from the negative comments about it online


  2. William Leavi says:

    New 4 Items:Fire Flower,Tanooki Leaf,7 logo and Spiny Shell(This time goes on the ground like in Mario Kart 64)3 new characters Daisy,Metal Mario,Lakitu all exciting!!!=D


  3. shawn garson says:

    wow! awesome box art! you know? i thing i really like is box arts
    on december 3rd im going to sleep all day tell its december 4th for the release
    than i will wake up in the morning
    wait at wal-mart and get the mario kart 7 before its sold out
    becuase in my town? kids and others wanted this game! ehich i had a feeling its going to be sold out
    once i get mario kart 7
    i will be playing it all day
    but right now its almost october! which JUST DANCE 3 is release on the 11th
    than november! which is SUPER MARIO 3D LAND & SKYWARD SWORD & LONDON 2012 released
    super mario 3d land is on november 14th
    the legend of zelda skyward sword is on novemver 20th
    mario & sonic at the london 2012 games is on november 30th
    so mario kart 7 is released 4 days after london 2012 games
    i have to get them before sold out!
    belive me! in my town! all 500 kids will be going to wal-mart and get the games they wanted


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