New Mario Kart 7 Trailer

Here we have a new Mario Kart 7 trailer available for you to view at your pleasure! Earlier it was announced that Mario Kart 7 would be released on December 2nd, and now here’s a trailer to

You can see towards the end of the video the first person view where you use the Gyro controls.

Like what you see?

Below are some new screenshots of Mario Kart 7.

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7 Responses to “New Mario Kart 7 Trailer”
  1. Raza ラザ says:

    Can not wait for this game. Mario Kart owns all!


  2. Wes says:

    seriously can not wait for this game. look forward to racing you all. I won’t beat you, I’m not that good, but I’ll have an awesome time trying! Great to see new footage, but just wanted more confirmed details about the features of the game at the announcement than passing comments. The first person view looks interesting, I imagine the 3D effect will be great playing it this way.


  3. Jassen Payen says:

    Yes, can’t wait!! This game will smash it.


  4. luke says:

    i would so own this game when it comes


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