New Square Enix 3DS RPG – Bravely Default Flying Fairy

Very early this morning (UK time) at the Nintendo 3DS Conference, a new Square Enix RPG was announced for the 3DS with a rather odd title. A title strange enough to rival other ridiculously named Square Enix titles such as; Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3D. Yes, you read the title correctly, Bravely Default Flying Fairy is the name of Square’s latest RPG. If only they had stuck a ‘3D‘ on the end of the title for good measure.

Although not much was discussed about the game, Bravely Default is said to combine a classic RPG system with AR (augmented reality) cards. However, how Square will make use of the AR cards is still a mystery. The game is being produced by Tomoya Asano, who brought classic Final Fantasy games such as IV and III to portable devices including the iPad and DS.

Bravely Default‘s official site will open on the 22nd September, and will hopefully unveil further features of the game.

Are you looking forward to a new Square Enix RPG adventure? By the looks of the screen shots, we are in for a visual treat with Bravely Default Flying Fairy. Check back at Nintendo Scene for all  the latest information on upcoming 3DS games.

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