Nintendo’s 3DS Conference Report

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Well it all just hit us all now! Nintendo’s much-anticipated 3DS Conference just come to a conclusion. It was closed to foreign press meaning only Japanese industry professionals were invited. Following suit it was all in Japanese with not one bit of subtitling other than English game name descriptions.

Never the less it proved to be a very well orchestrated affair. Miyamoto making the first star appearance on the stage welding Link’s Master Sword and Shield. Saying, “he’s probably spent several hundred hours playing Skyward Sword already”, Professing to “over 100 hours of gameplay with this game”. He went on to demo new footage of Skyward Sword. It seemed to last forever with bucket loads of new game features throughout. Link’s control scheme looked to be even more agile compared to what we’ve seen in previous trailers. We will post more on these aspects once we get time to evaluate them. The best thing was that it all went very smooth with no hiccups in the control scheme, unlike the last time it was demoed. Iwata left to some dimmed lights and applause..

A very cool, calm Iwata headed up the stage (as always) palms flat open, thanking us all for tuning in to the live stream over the internet. He went on to summarise a whole host of games through Nintendo’s platforms. Reiterating Dragon Quest 1-3’s imminent release. Taiko no tatsujin ‘definitive version’ on Wii. A chart popped up showing the Nintendo platforms’ Male/Female user base. The 3DS was the most bias towards male gamers. This all lead into an announcement of a new Pink coloured 3DS (report here). There will some pretty major updates to the 3DS firmware with, 3D video recording to be enabled. To many’s joy, the eshop will see an upgrade hopefully making it easier to browse. And lastly a Mii plaza overhaul. (report here)

Iwata then went further talking in some detail over various game trailers. For Super Mario Land he iterated that the game was designed in mind for those that found fully free-roaming Mario games hard to play. Mario Tennis made an appearance with Iwata explaining that, the game can be controlled through the 3DS’s gyro sensor. Then we got new footage of Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario (report here), Mario Kart with some kind of new first person view point (report here) with a release date of 2nd of December (report here), Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, and Animal Crossing. Most being given a general 2012 release. There was also  new game by Square Enix called; Bravely Default Flying Fairies (report here). Then some rather weird looking footage appeared from a Japanese DS game Tomodachi Collection (meaning friend collection). It’s basically a Japanese take on the Sims. A Girls Mode – Fashion Game appeared, detailing various costumes and outfits on different characters. This was accompanied by Iwata saying he wants to balance the male/female user base for the 3DS. The lineup of smaller games came with footage of a new game called Cardsept. It’s a cross between a card game (which are very popular in Japanese arcades right now) and a board game. We were then treated a some pretty hard core looking games. Namely; The 3DS showing of G Generation 3D! Robots Flying Everywhere… Set for a December the 22nd release. Project Merai – 2012,.. music mixing game, with the trailer playing to some mad cool dance music with Japanese vocals. Iwata ended sadly by saying, they needed a little more time to finish Kid Icarus.

We also got confirmation that three animation studios are working of Animation Shorts for the 3DS and they’ll be available worldwide.

Tsujimoto-san, the producer of Monster Hunter Tri G came on stage. He confirmed as expected, the game will have added towns, quests, monsters, weapons etc.. We were treated to some very extensive MHTG3D footage showing many different aspects of the game and momnsters. We got a suprise announcement of a Monster Hunter 4 (report here)! The show then came to an end, Iwata said his leaving piece and bowed twice to a general applause.

That was it generally speaking. The announcements where big, but not as big as some had hoped. No new Mario, Metroid or Zelda games. The presentation was well presented with no downfalls. Rather surprisingly there was not one mention at the 3DS Circle Pad Attachment (later report here)! No emphasis was put on 3DS sales, but rather the male/female imbalance. All in all, we were treated with a whole host of new game footage. Let us know below what you thought of it all.

3 Responses to “Nintendo’s 3DS Conference Report”
  1. Very glad I watched it all and from Japan too. Meant I didn’t have to get up at 4am. Thanks to James for translating the developments on Twitter as it happened too. Thinking that the conference might have fallen just short. But and still thinking about it.


  2. MONSTER HUNTER 4!!!!!! ?


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