Nintendo Scene Competition In Association With Insert Coin Clothing

A Nintendo Scene Competition!

Our good friends over at Insert Coin Clothing have agreed to provide one lucky winner of this competition, with one of their amazing Zelda Themed T-Shirts! Insert Coin Clothing all began in 2010 and since then they have been creating stylish game designs suitable for kids and adults alike! The winner will have a choice between the amazing Castle Town Ocarina Supplies or the impressive Fishing Tournament tees. Anyone who owns a t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing will know they are of excellent quality and in one word, awesome! Our Wes and Katy each have a tee from Insert Coin Clothing, which you can read about and see some pics.

How to take part..

  1. We will be holding a competition on the day of our StreetPass event – October 25th just before the 25th Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert. The StreetPass event will be held at the Apollo from 4pm. All you need to do is collect the Nintendo Scene Miis. The staff in attendance on the day will be myself (Orla),KatyStuartAdam (Stealthbuda) and Neil. The Miis will be in white shirts and have ‘NS’ following the names (Example ‘Orla NS’).
  2. All we require is evidence that you have collected all of our Miis. Take a picture of our Miis (all 5 of them!) in your Mii Plaza and send the images along with your name to this email address:
  3. The winner will be picked at random and will be announced openly via all our channels the next day – October 26th at 8pm.
A Winner has been chosen!
We have picked the winner of our StreetPass competition in association with Insert Coin Clothing. We are pleased to announce that Raza Shah has won the competition for collecting all of our Miis. A big congratulations to Raza on winning, and we here at Nintendo Scene also would like to thank everyone for trying to catch all of our Miis. Your support was greatly appreciated!

These are the Miis in which you needed to obtain:

8 Responses to “Nintendo Scene Competition In Association With Insert Coin Clothing”
  1. Yesss 😀 I’ve already got Castle Town so I’m glad that we have the choice n_n


  2. All details are now finalized! Any questions?..


  3. Thanks alot guys – LEGENDS U ARE!


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