PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions – Review

Title: PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions

Genre: Action

System: 3DS

Developer: Namco Bandai

Publisher: Namco Bandai

If you have already checked out our preview of PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions, you should already know that this no simple rehash of a few old games, this is so much more. The lovely chaps at Namco Bandai have not only updated Galaga Legions, PAC-Man Championship Edition and the classic PAC-Man and Galaga games with amazing 3D visuals, but have also brought us two complete new PAC-Man and Galaga games, as well as a surprise 3D PAC-Man 30th Anniversary video to check out, which is quite funny – all on one 3DS cartridge for around £29.99*.

As soon as the game boots up, you can tell Namco have put great thought into their use of 3D, as even the introduction packs quite a punch, combining the retro feel of PAC-Man and Galaga with fresh, superb 3D visuals. When you get to the game select screen, you are greeted with the aforementioned 6 games on the cart and bonus 3D video, so let’s go through each one shall we?

PAC-Man Tilt

Tilt is definitely a favourite amongst reviewers. The game is essentially a platformer, designed specifically for the 3DS, incorporating the console’s gyro controls, complete with flashy neon visuals. The aim of the game is to get PAC-Man to the end of each stage, eating as many pellets, cherries and ghosts along the way as well as scooping yourself a big time bonus and generally racking up as many points as you can. To get to the end of each level you must tilt the 3DS using gyro controls to engage PAC-Man’s Sonic style pinball mode which increases speed and allows PAC-Man to smash through obstacles. The gyro controls are also used to navigate your way across gaps, the odd live electrics and moving platforms – which is not as easy as it sounds! One of the best things about Tilt is that each stage provides you with a new element of gameplay, for example in one stage you will learn how to activate the pinball bumpers and springs, elevating PAC-Man and helping you gain higher scores. Each level is short and sweet, without being too short, making Tilt perfect for those who like quick gaming sessions. It’s really a joy to play and Namco’s inclusion of high scores and a medal system gives a great incentive to replay levels. Unlike Super Monkey Ball 3D, Tilt doesn’t try to include 3D visuals when they simply don’t work, as using gyro controls and focusing on 3D images can strain your eyes. With 25 levels and 5 extra bonus stages, Tilt really could have been a game in its own right and still worth the money.

Galaga Legions

Legions is one of the harder games on the cartridge, but is worth the extra effort just to see the gorgeous visuals, comparable to the Xbox Kinect’s Child Of Eden. Although the game is essentially just a basic shooter, the awesome soundtrack and ridiculous amount of on-screen 3D enemies at once gives Legions a bullet-hell feel like schumps such as CAVE/Rising Star Games’ Deathsmiles for the Xbox 360. The difficulty settings are much welcomed, and although in all honesty I didn’t get much further than the first few stages, it was probably because I was too overwhelmed by the vast amount of glow-y 3D bullets darting about the screen – creating quite a beautiful spectacle.

PAC-Man and Galaga (original arcade versions)

Classic PAC-Man and Galaga just the way you remember it, just this time with optional 3D effect. The best feature is the choice of three different display mode when you are playing the game; stand-up arcade cabinet, table-top arcade cabinet or borderless. The 3D isn’t vastly overemphasized, which is good as it would distract you from all that yummy retro goodness.

PAC-Man CE (Championship Edition)

PAC-Man CE looks like the resulting factor had PAC-Man leapt into the Digital World instead of Kevin Flynn and then decided to eat ghosts and pellets instead of teaming up with Tron to take down the Master Control Programme. Gameplay revolves around scoring as many points as possible in the time set with an ever expanding screen to compete with. It’s fast, fun and packed full of futuristic 3D visuals – a great little addition to the pack.

Galaga 3D Impact

Impact is an on-rails 3D shooter, which uses a combination of gyro controls and the 3DS’ circle pad to aim and fire at enemies. At times it can look quite impressive, and the 3D does mean that you can determine the distance of enemies better and therefore plan your next move in preparation, unlike most shooters when you have to guess the length of time an enemy will take to reach you. However, the downside to the inclusion of 3D is that, as earlier stated, the gyroscope and 3D do not mix well and usually result in a bit of a headache. This is easily remedied by turning off the 3D visuals, but then you lose some of the amazing effects than can only be fully appreciated with the 3D turned on. Although Impact is much shorter than Tilt, it’s another of those games that you will be revisiting to earn yourself a higher score.

There are no obvious problems with PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions; each game is fun to play and obviously the cartridge as whole offers a great deal of variety. The only small niggling issue I felt was that there wasn’t slightly more levels on Tilt! All in all, Dimensions is a great pack with lots to play and a rather cute 3D video to check out. A must-have for fans of pellet-munching or bullet-hell retro madness.

Katy’s Score – 8.5/10

Quick-Fire Review: Great use of both 3D and gyro controls as well as being fun and good value for money. Pellet-chomping at its best.

PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions is Out Now!

4 Responses to “PAC-Man & Galaga Dimensions – Review”
  1. nintymadden says:

    Sounds good!! How much is it?! Wondering whether to get that or Star Fox when I’m over in October!


  2. Great review! Ive been having alot of fun with this since I bought it (on release) My favorites are Pacman CE and the original Galaga 😀


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