Eurogamer Expo Survival Guide (and who gives away the best free stuff)

My event reports are going to have a slightly different format from now on.  Rather than rushing out a Day 1 report and then following it up later, I’m going to do a quick ‘Survival Guide’ after Day 1 of each event and then follow it up with a full report later on.  Which will provide you, our dear reader, with a better quality of report rather than one that’s pushed out quickly.

So in essence, this will be a quick collection of bullet pointed tips and things that you should definitely aim to do, along of course with a collection of pictures.

Arrive early – If you arrive an hour early, that hour will in effect save you more time inside.  The queues build up quickly, and if you’re queuing outside while people are queuing inside, it’s self defeating.  So if possible, arrive early so that you’re one of the first in the door.

Be prepared to queue – Peeps, you’re going to queue.  It’s  fact.  If you don’t like queuing, I’d suggest waiting until the games are released and playing them in your own sweet time.  The shorter the time on the game, the quicker the queue moves.  I’d rather have a longer session and queue longer for it, but that’s just me.  Eurogamer is setup very well and none of the queues are particularly epic, but you’re still going to queue.  Get over it early, and enjoy yourself.

Bring a bottle of water with you – Although Earls Court is one of the best venues, as it’s got high ceilings and good air-conditioning, it can still get warm in the queues.  So have some water on hand as you don’t want to be wasting time queuing for water when you could be in the queue for something far more important.

Plan what you want to see – I’m a military man, so I plan, it’s what I do.  Not everyone does it, but you should at least think about this.  Know what your priorities are.  Make say a top three and out of those pick your number one.  Then make a list of everything else you want to achieve.  Maps are available on the Eurogamer website and in the Eurogamer guide you get as you enter.  Once you’ve got your wrist band, head straight for your number one priority.  This will probably be your shortest queue of the day, so head straight there.  Then after, visit number two and three, then the rest.  By at least thinking about what you want, your chances of missing or forgetting something will decrease.

Stay until the end – After 17:00, it gets a lot quieter.  Sure there’s usually no free stuff by that time, but you can mop up all the games you want to see easily in the last two hours.

Have a big breakfast – I don’t generally eat at conventions, I can eat at home when I’m not dual wielding axes in Skyrim, or trying to convince the Wipeout girl that I’m a racing driver from the future too.  Food there is pretty expensive too, so I always eat at home, grab a coffee and then run on caffeine until I get home.  Is it healthy?  No.  Does it give me more time gaming?  Yes, yes it does.

Take your 3ds, make sure WiFi is turned on and clear your Streetpasses down regularly – You can’t get any more streetpasses after you hit ten until you clear them down, and also no one can Streetpass you.  See our exclusive guide for more info.

Things to see

My top fifteen visits are:

  • Playable Skyrim
  • Playable PS Vita (you’re allocated a random game)
  • OnLive
  • Playable Ninja Gaiden 3
  • Playable Mario Kart 7
  • Playable Modern Warfare 3
  • Playable Battlefield 3
  • Playable Batman Arkham Asylum
  • Playable Rage
  • Playable Zelda Skyward Sword
  • Playable Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  • Playable Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Insert Coin Clothing
  • Wipeout2048 Pilot Ami Nakajima
  • Sky 3D demo on 3DS

There are a huge amount of other games on offer; these are just my top fifteen stands to visit.

Top Ten free stuff

  • OnLive Console – Sign-up and queue
  • Playstation Goodiebag – Like the Playstation Access Facebook page in front of them to receive it
  • Uncharted 3 T-Shirt – Scan the QR code on the huge billboard at the front of Earls Court and take it to the Playstation stand (Very limited – You’ll be given a unique code after scanning, once they’re gone, they’re gone)
  • 20 Years of ID T-shirt – Given out at the 20 Years of ID Developer Conference
  • Battlefield 3 Dogtags – Prove you’ve pre-ordered Battlefield 3, and they’ll engrave dog tags for you
  • Prey 2 T-shirt – Given out at the Prey 2 Developer Conference
  • World of Tanks Mini Tanks and Game – Given out by the World of Tanks Girls
  • Rage Avatar Items – Given out as you enter the Rage gaming area
  • I Played it First Lanyard and Card – Given after playing on the PS Vita
  • Keep Calm and Frag On Poster – Nabbed after playing Battlefield 3

Full details of OnLive and the PS Vita, along with all my other first play info will be published in the full event report after the weekend.

Did you make it to the Expo today?  What did you think?  What did you play?

Are you going over the next few days?  If so give us a shout and tell us what you’re looking forward too.

Did you nab any good free swag?

If you have any opinions on the format of event coverage now let me know.  Did you prefer a quick rushed out day 1 report?  Or are you happy with the format?

You can comment here, or on twitter, or on our facebook page.  Or hit me up directly with abuse @StealthBuda

9 Responses to “Eurogamer Expo Survival Guide (and who gives away the best free stuff)”
  1. Great set of info here. You really done the whole event. Amazing work. How big was the bag with all the stuff in it?


    • StealthBuda says:

      My rucksack was filled (mainly by the OnLive console) and then I had a Playstation fabric bag (part of their goodiebag) filled as well.

      Tip Number 427 – Bring a bigger bag.


  2. Tom Walters says:

    Thanks for the info, i’m headed to Eurogamer Tomorrow on a college trip so it was handy ^^ just a question, was there many Assassin’s Creed Hoodies? and if so how much roughly were they? just so i know how much money to bring :3


  3. Kash says:

    which stand exactly do you go to show you’ve preordered Battlefield 3 to get dog tags and do you need to provide the dog tags? cos i played battlefield 3 in the main area by the closed off escalator but didn’t receive anything afterwards


    • StealthBuda says:

      There’s a stand on the far side of the Battlefield 3 area, near the food stands. There should be someone there with a dogtag stamping machine. Show them either your printed receipt or an e-mail on your phone and they’ll take your details and print your dogtags.


  4. Justin says:

    Hey, it sounds great to get the dog tags, I am personally going on Sunday and cannot wait for the BF3 goodies! =] but one slight problem, I pre-ordered BF3 from GAME, £5 deposit and all, but I lost the receipt, now I am worried I will not be able to get the dog tags 😦 is the receipt really required, or is there any other way around this? 😦


  5. Steve T. says:

    This was a good read and who doesn’t love free stuff, I know I do!


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