What Star Fox 3D Got Wrong

Star Fox 64 3D is one of the games that most 3DS owners were looking forward to since it was revealed at E3. It was released on September 9th and I feel enough time has passed for this. Every one mentions how great a game it is and listen, I feel Star Fox 3D is a good game as well, it’s just that some of the game should have been made better by Nintendo. Lets jump in that Arwing and keep Slippy quiet.

At E3, it seemed that the big selling point for Star Fox 3D from Nintendo was the online play. You would be able to have online air fights they said, the only thing they left out at the press conference was the fact that the online fights weren’t going to be Wi-Fi battles, they were going to be LAN battles and one game cartridge was needed for four players to play. A nice touch was the pictures of the players on the 3DS camera so you could see the facial expressions of your friends when you shot them out of the sky but it would have been cool to be able to see strangers that I was playing freak out after I shot their Arwing down. As Homer Simpson said ” It’s funny cause I don’t know him.” I could be playing people in Japan and put the American flag up after a win, stupid stuff like that could give the game that added something that gives it that extra something. Pokemon has random battles against people all over the world as does Mario Kart. Why couldn’t Star Fox have the same capabilities. I know all about playing random people in Pokemon, my battle rank is garbage but just to know that I can play people all over is fun and would have added to Star Fox 64 3D.

Gyro controls. In theory it is a good idea. Maybe I just don’t have the skills needed to turn my body in different directions to fly an Arwing. I tried to give them a try in training mode but it didn’t take for me. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good idea. I feel it is one of those things that didn’t need to be in the game at all. The controls aren’t tight enough to make the motion/gyro control system worth it in the long run to use. Good work by Nintendo by not making you have to use the gyro controls to drive your Arwing. Another thing that got under my skin a little bit was that I thought I read online that they were going to keep the same voices from the N64 version of the game. Put my game in and noticed that the voices sounded a little different to me. This may only bother me but at the same time I didn’t have to hear Slippy ask for my help millions of times in that annoying voice. A nice touch was the cut scenes at the start to explain what happened to Fox’s father. Star Fox 64 3D had more good moments than bad but it still had those moments that make you go “huh!” Great games have those “huh” moments. Luckily Star Fox 64 3D had more great moments rather than “huh” moments. You should be doing a barrel roll for years to come and hopefully with the success of the remake, Nintendo will see that a brand new Star Fox game has to be made!

6 Responses to “What Star Fox 3D Got Wrong”
  1. Michael says:

    Quit moaning. Im sure if they left it out there is a good reason. I hate people thatare moaning because it hasnt got online play. Grow up.


    • Well the article is a critical look at the game. I do feel that had it been online proper and used the user camera Nintendo could have claimed a first in innovation again. Don’t forget this type of online gameplay is what’s being promised with the Wii U control and the user facing camera that’ll be integrated. This could have been a great demonstration of things to come. Regardless, to me this game serves as a tried and tested game in the genre. And looks ever more impressive to me. Of course I would have preferred a brand new gun blazing adventure. Hopefully Nintendo is working on one as we type.


  2. errrrrr says:

    @Michael Dude these are exactly the reasons why the 3DS is getting shunned at the moment Nintendo are making really stupid mistakes with this console. I’m sure Star Fox 3DS is a good game but the features this reviewer is mentioning would have made it a better game overall… the 3DS has Wifi and is meant to be “better than” the 3DS, its a NEXT GEN HANDHELD CONSOLE then make games that FULLY utilize its features thats how you make money and sell consoles. The 3DS sales and booming now becuase of the announcement of MH………

    I was looking forward to this game but the LAN battles put me off big time.

    You make a next gen console says it has all these AWESOME features it has shows MASSIVE potential then don’t even use half of them.

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  3. NintenDoop says:

    Remakes and remakes……. Nintendo you need new ideas.

    @Michael I think you need to grow up and stop letting Nintendo take your money,


  4. Uh, The N64 version had the same ‘cutscene’ at the start to explain what happened to the original Starfox team. It’s not new.

    Also one word quite aptly tells us why Nintendo didn’t want people playing strangers with the video link: chatroulette. And even if dirty old men aren’t whipping out their junk instead of playing, “putting the American flag up after a win” could in theory also cause offence, when people play Starfox to fly around Lylat blowing up Arwings, and not be reminded of real world politics and issues.

    All of that would be solved by having friends-only online battles, but that’s part of a wider issue with the 3DS at the moment – it would’ve been naive to thing Starfox was going to fix that, and it’s unfair to blame it. Certainly though, online battles without the pictures should’ve been present, but I’m not entirely convinced it would’ve made a difference. The multiplayer in the original and the remake were both basically tacked on, and not worth spending much time on.

    The voices aren’t entirely different – the same actors for Fox, Slippy and General Pepper returned to reprise their roles, but the voice of Falco (and various enemies,) Peppy, Wolf and a few others are new actors. Disappointing – because even the same actors don’t sound right in places. I’d have rather they’d continued to use the exact same N64 clips, but that was going to be impossible because of the slight changes in dialogue they felt they needed to make which are found throughout the remake. For example Falco’s old “Hey Einstein, I’m on your side!” is now “Hey genius, I’m on your side!” – obviously because it never made any sense that Falco/Starfox would have any idea who Einstein was, given they’re in the Lylat universe and not ours.

    The main crime in the remake is Andross’ laugh in the English versions. On the N64 his laugh was long and creepy and matched up with his animation when he appears. On the 3DS he simply goes ‘ha ha. ha.’ It sounds wrong, and looks wrong against the animation. If there were ever a good reason for having patches, this would be it!


    • Steve T. says:

      All very good points Dan, and thanks for reading the post. The American Flag reference I guess in a way was to show what Nintendo could have done with the camera capabilities. I agree with your point that people play video games to escape and with Nintendo being family first, they don’t want their young gamers to playing against “strangers” and I totally agree with the voices being butchered. As for the cut scene, I like the way they gave it that new feel to it.


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