Go Vacation – More Than Just A Mini Game Collection

Think Go Vacation is just a mini game compilation? Well think again! In a recent interview, Kenya Kobayashi, producer of Go Vacation, stated how long the game would last. The game mainly consists of mini games, which Kobayashi said could take up to 15-20 just trying out the games, but he said if you were to do everything in a game, then Go Vacation could take up to 100 hours, or possibly 200 hours, to fully complete! 200 hours is a bit much for me (unless its Pokémon), but the fact that it has some depth and alot of gameplay, it just might be worth taking a look at. Go Vacation took 2 and a half years to develop, with over 100 staff on the job.

Here is more on what Kobayashi had to say:

The goal for the game was to deliver the ultimate family game, and the definitive Wii title. The game includes 50 mini games, with such variety as car race games and water gun shooting matches. Outside of the mini games, the game’s four resort areas are fully 3D areas. You can freely walk, swim and ride vehicles through them. As you explore, you’ll discover new mini games. The resorts even have hidden treasure boxes and hidden areas.

Will you be picking up Go Vacation on November 4th?

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One Response to “Go Vacation – More Than Just A Mini Game Collection”
  1. Wow, maybe I was wrong. I trashed it in my TGS report. But then again I couldn’t much hands on with this as the Monster Hunter 3G was calling me.


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