Zelda Takeover Day – More Details!

Hopefully by now you will have heard about the Zelda Takeover DayA special event held in Nottingham on Saturday 29 October as part of GameCity6, which runs from 26-29 October 2011.

In the run up to the Takeover Day on the Saturday, GameCity6 will be running various activities to really get you in the Zelda mood.

Zelda Zine
GameCity6 have enlisted the help of game culture Graphic Designer Cory Schmitz to create a one-off Zelda magazine created especially for the fans. The best part is that YOU will be given the chance to add to its content. You are invited to submit your Zelda artwork, short stories, special Zelda memories or poetry between the Wednesday and the Friday. A limited edition magazine will then be designed up, printed and made available on the Saturday. So any budding writers, poets or artists out there, this is a great chance to share your love of Zelda with others!

Zelda Cannon World Record
This one sounds awesome. GameCity6 have teamed up with ONM to attempt a new Guiness World Record. Six players will be selected to join forces in a tag team to play through 15 Zelda games, starting with The Legend of Zelda right through to Twilight Princess! Pretty hardcore stuff thats expected to last over 100 hours. If you are interested you can email ONM with the headline ‘Zelda Speed Run’ to register your interest.

National Videogame Archive – A Link to the Past
During the Takeover Day you will be able to create short video diaries for the NVA. You can talk about a wide range of topics, from your experiences with Zelda, theories and feelings to why Zelda is so special to you. These will be used to mark the Zelda Cannon event.

On top of all this, you will be able to get a hands on with Skyward Sword before its proper release in November, which as we all know is shaping up to be another classic adventure.

All sounding pretty exciting! Keep checking back for more updates as they are announced!

2 Responses to “Zelda Takeover Day – More Details!”
  1. Monika Kokas says:

    I am so excited for this it is like a dream come true for me where i can actually blend in into my favorite game that Nintendo has ever created and i will also show some of my made up zelda stories i have wrote so far this day will be so excited for them i don’t want to leave or wake up from it i love zelda so much it is part of my life this is the reason why i write these stories because not only nintendo created zelda but they inspired me to it and i akm very greatful to that.


  2. Monika Kokas says:

    and also to mention that Zelda is in my blood everytime i hear new realeases of zelda i got crazy because i love the game it is excited, fun and very challenging.


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