Nintendo Scene: September, A Month in Review

This month was full of various massive events and, as usual, the Nintendo Scene crew threw themselves at the opportunity to provide you, the readers, with all the information. In-fact, the month was so driven by massive events that I don’t really know where to start with this post… I’ll start with the earth shattering news surrounding Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Gameshow conference.

Yes, Nintendo decided to hold a massive 3DS conference right before the Tokyo Gameshow. Always trying to steal the show! But even their own pre-emptive conference was pre-empted by some news regarding a little 3DS peripheral that has been ‘affectionately’ dubbed ‘frakenstick’. The cradle like device adds an extra circle pad and trigger buttons to the 3DS system allowing it to play certain games with a more traditional setup! Perhaps controversially, I think it looks pretty comfortable even though it is bulky and ugly! Function over style though, right? Especially when it seems it will only cost about £12!

You’d think that the conference may have been more conservative after an announcement as huge as that…You’d think that if you were a massive idiot! It was filled to the brim with great games such as Fire Emblem and Mario Tennis and then we got the massive announcement of Monster Hunter 4 coming to 3DS! So not only do 3DS owners get to play through Monster Hunter 3G but another Monster Hunter adventure is also around the corner for us all to enjoy on our Nintendo handhelds. We got trailers, game announcements, the announcement of a pink 3DS and information about a 3DS firmware update later this year as well as much more. Stuart has a full report here.

Speaking of excellently written reports from Mr Oswald, check out his adventures at TGS here. Earthquakes, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Bravely Default, Rhythm Games, Tetris, Go Vacation, the circle pad, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Beyond the Labyrinth, lots and lots of photographs and much more are all present and correct in his live report straight from Tokyo.

From Tokyo to somewhere almost as exciting… Birmingham for the first ever GameFest convention at the NEC. The event was a huge success and played host to plenty of games from the biggest publishers including Nintendo! And, of-course, Nintendo Scene was there to bring you all the news straight to you, the hideously attractive and intelligent Nintendo Scene reader. The report of day one is available for your eyeballs to observe here and day two can be found here. Adam also had fun at Eurogamer and provided you guys with some top tips on how to survive there.

Top Games of the Month

Need a new game? September’s provided us with some great ones on Nintendo systems for you to sink your teeth into…

The most obvious of which is Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS. Wes did the review and gave it an excellent 9/10. Calling the classic remake “a fantastic game that deserves a place in your collection”. Another perhaps lesser known title was also rewarded a 9/10 this month. Inazuma Eleven was reviewed by Katy, who called the Level 5 DS Football RPG, “something fresh and exciting, with a captivating story, loveable characters, beautiful cut-scenes and some real heart-stopping action at times”. Maybe you want something a little bit more old school? Then maybe Pacman & Galaga Dimensions for 3DS, also reviewed by Katy, will be right up your street. She awarded the retro-style collection a solid 8.5/10 and cited the game as “fun and great value for money”.

That’s all for this month! Stay safe, readers!

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