Virtual Console Review: Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2

Title: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Genre: Platform

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 29 – 09 – 2011 (VC)

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins first hit the scene back in 1992, 1993 in Europe, on the Game Boy. Revisit this amazing Mario title by downloading it now on the 3DS eShop.

Super Mario Land 2 takes place straight after Super Mario Land, with Mario returning after rescuing Princess Daisy. So Mario returns to his world, Mario Land, to find that the evil Wario has cast a spell across the land, and has taken over Mario’ castle. The evil so and so, but this is no problem for our Mario. He must find the 6 Golden Coins that are scattered across Mario Land, to reclaim his castle from Wario’s clutches, and restore peace to the land.

The downfall of Super Mario Land was that it was too short, with only 12 stages. More stages means more gameplay, and Super Mario Land 2 delivers just that. There are 30 stages overall, divided into 6 worlds, and you can choose to challenge the worlds in any order. A big improvement was the visuals, where the characters are slightly more animated and the background more detailed. The music has also been cranked up a notch since its predecessor. Tree Zone theme particularly sticks in my mind, and has since I first played it on the Game Boy.

We see the return of the Fire Power Up, giving Mario the ability to shoot fireballs. Unique to Super Mario Land 2 is the Carrot Power Up, which turns him into Bunny Mario. Bunny Mario can jump higher, jump repeatedly by holding down the A button, and hover slowly in the air.

Controls are quite easy, using the slide pad or D-pad to direct Mario. Personally I like to keep it old school and use the D-pad. Make Mario jump by using the A button, and if you want him to run faster, press B while directing Mario.

I recommend you head on over to the eShop and purchase Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. An essential addition to your collection, setting you back £3.60/€4.

Orla’s Score: 9/10

Quickfire Review: Fun, easy, exactly what you’d expect from a Mario title. Can be played over and over again. A must have for fans of platformers.

Second Opinion: Reesy – This was a giant step forward from the original Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. With vastly improved visuals and a gameplay style much closer the the SNES’s Super Mario World, this really pushed the capabilities of the Gameboy to it’s limits. The result is an amazing little adventure. A tad on the easy side but the game is so much fun you’ll want to play it again and again.

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