Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Title: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Genre: Platformer

System: Wii

Developer: Good Feel

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 25 – 02 – 2011

There are many games I have played through the years that have made me laugh and smile, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn is one of those games. A joy to play. As I said in my previous review of Kirby’s Dreamland, I haven’t played many of his titles in the series, but playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn made me develop a huge soft spot for the pink blob.

Epic Yarn begins with Kirby eating a tomato, but not just any tomato, this is a special tomato which belongs to the evil Yin Yarn, the baddie of the game. Yin Yarn isn’t too pleased about Kirby eating this, so he sucks him into a special world called Patch Land, which is made entirely out of material. Not only that, but Kirby himself is now made out of thread.

We learn from Prince Fluff, who Kirby rescues from a monster upon entering Patch Land, that the land has been split into seven pieces. Kirby decides to help Prince Fluff restore Patch Land by searching for the magical pieces of thread to sew it back together.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a beautiful looking game, and the material environment is very impressive. The games graphics feature a wonderful knitted design based on textiles and clothes. Kirby uses bits of loose thread to pull on buttons, zips and stray threads to reveal hidden areas by the player holding the 1 button. He also grabs his enemies and turns them into little balls of wool. It may not be in HD, but you can’t deny it looks amazing. You will be wowed when Kirby grabs parts of the scenery and pull it back to reveal whats hidden underneath. I know I was. A clever little addition to Kirby’s abilities is turning into a parachute when pressing 2 to jump and holding it down, he can float for a short distance. Also he can transform into a car when the player presses the left button or right button twice in succession.

Your goal is to reach the bell at the end of each level. Along the way there are a few bits and pieces in the level for you to find. Such things include hidden treasures and a music CD containing the musical track that plays during the level that you are in at that time. At the end of each level you will obtain a medal depending on how many beads and stars you collected, more beads means a better medal. It is impossible to die in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, so instead, your beads are taken away from you.  The medal system is clever as it will give you a reason to go back and play a certain level if you want to get a better medal.

The musical score is equally as beautiful as its visuals. The music is quite soft, and this is expressed primarily through the piano. The songs have a quality that reflect the game’s sewing and fabric-based environments. Epic Yarn’s music theme’s are quite important, as it gives off a sense of fun and warmth to the gamer, and adds colour to the game’s design. You will find yourself  humming along to the music alot during this platformer.

Multiplayer co-op is quite enjoyable, where player 2 becomes Prince Fluff. You use each other to your own advantage. Want to grab something that’s out of your reach? No problem, just grab the other player and fling them up to that hard to reach area. You can also grab the other player and throw them against the enemy. I had loads of fun just messing around in multiplayer, and Stuart reckons the game is more fun played in 2 player mode.

What I enjoyed most about Kirby’s Epic Yarn was how Kirby transformed in different situations. There are several power ups which transform Kirby into such things as a digger, a saucer and a train. If Kirby enters the water, he suddenly becomes a submarine. These transformations stop the game from becoming repetitive, and it just goes to show how innovative a game can get.

Anybody that has played this game will agree that its one of the most visually creative games to play. I would recommend giving this game a go if you haven’t played it yet. Look elsewhere if you want a real challenge, as its incredibly easy.

Here is what Stuart had to say about the game: “From the opening credits to the final stitch in the cloth Epic Yarn is such a gem. This game brings a title offering such innocent and fun game play, unlike anything available today. The worlds are distinctly different and the progression through them is clear and seamless. The puzzles are thought provoking but never over bearing. I admit the game is more fun played in two player mode. Epic Yarn using the Wii remote in a multitude of different ways. The only criticism that can be level against it would but that for the seasoned gamer it may seem too cheerful and in a may uncomplicated.”

Orla’s Score: 8/10

Quickfire Review: One of the easiest games I’ve ever played, but one of the most inventive. It will kill you with cuteness.

Second Opinion: Stuart – From the folds in the game’s (literal) fabric to the story’s voice acting narration, this game simply delivers innocent fun. 7/10

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