Leaf Green 3DS for Luigi’s Mansion 2?

Rumours are circling of a possible Leaf Green 3DS to coincide with the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Check out this image thats doing the rounds on the net. It by no means confirms anything, but with the recent release of the Red 3DS and the recent announcement that an Ice White one is on the way, it makes perfect sense.

What other colours would you like to see? Personally my favourite so far is the white one.

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3 Responses to “Leaf Green 3DS for Luigi’s Mansion 2?”
  1. nintymadden says:

    White is also my favourite. But this looks good too, goes well bundled with Luigi’s Mansion 2!


  2. Lolli says:

    I suppose it all depends on whether this print out is real or fake, because it definitely says “Nintendo 3DS Green Leaf (2012 / 03)” in the list under the picture.

    Looks nice. I’d prefer a dark colour over white as it seems like they’re going to keep the part around the screen black. Looks odd on the lighter colour.


  3. I want the monster hunter 3DS


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