Entertainment Media Show Report – 01 – 02 Oct 11 – Earl’s Court

Entertainment Media Show – Earl’s Court – Sat 01 Oct – Sun 02 Oct 2011

Although Nintendo had no presence at the Entertainment Media Show (EMS), there’s still always scope for Streetpass hits.  So I turned up to report on the cosplay and gaming provided by Anime League (the guys and girls behind London Anime Con and London Gaming Con).

EMS is a much smaller show than London Film and Comic Con, which is organised in the same venue earlier in the year by the same company.  Although using a less of Earl’s Court than its counterpart and gathering a smaller attendance, the quality of EMS is the same.  I spent the entire first day meeting Cosplayers, looking at stalls and reporting on the Cosplay Masquerade.  The stalls were of a very high standard and I picked up some amazing stuff.  Including popcorn in a crisp format.  Look out for these over the next year, they’re going to be big!

On the second day I had another look around the stalls, reported on the second Cosplay Masquerade, met two lovely maids from Maid Planet, was arrested by two Storm Troopers and then searched (they found my flashing 3DS, thought it was a bomb and ran off mumbling about rebel scum), watched two other Storm Troopers getting down on a dance game, attended the Dr Who Cosplay photocall and amused myself with the irony of the size of the queue to get virtual queue tickets for David Tennant (and then back-flipped when I realised that I’d also managed to get irony right for once).

Some fantastic games of Super Smash Brother Brawl and Mario Kart took place on the Wii over the weekend in the Anime League Gaming Area.  After seeing the calibre on offer even outside of the competitive scene, I think I might need to get some practice in on Mario Kart if I want to do well when the Mario Kart 7 is released for the 3DS.


Streetpass hits were low and Streetpass hits for the fighting games were even lower.  Even though attendance weren’t as high as some of the previous conventions I’ve attended recently, this could also be caused by the lack of new Streetpass content available for the 3ds.  Most users already have finished all the pictures and finished the dungeon twice.  I think MCM will be the big test for Streetpass.

Showmasters organise a pair of solid conventions with LFCC and EMS, but they also organised more focused fan conventions.  For more details you should see their website.

Did you attend EMS?  Did you Streetpass Stealth?  What do you think is the future of Streetpass?  Answers here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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