StreetPass NYC’s Tetris Axis Launch Event Report

The puzzle game sensation that no one on this planet can deny is back – this time on the Nintendo 3DS system!

StreetPass NYC was there to celebrate its launch at the Nintendo World Store with giant AR Tetris fun with the enlarged AR cards on the store floor, enjoyment of download and multi-card play for various games and finally, tournaments for both Tetris Axis and Tetris DS.

I wasted no time in getting a few shots in and around the store – employees playing the AR modes of Tetris Axis, our regulars chatting it up and tournament hopefuls engaging in practice rounds for the later proceedings.

We had also started our UNICEF Trick or Treat campaign at today’s event and got some great donations.

The tournaments were held upstairs by the gallery/museum area and there, we displayed the prizes: runners-up would be getting a Tetris-themed Russian Propanganda poster, the winner of the Tetris DS tournament would receive Tetris: The Card Game and the winner of the Tetris Axis tournament would receive the Falling Blocks Tetris Coffee Mug.

The finals of the Tetris DS tournament was a heavy one as our final two, Joe and Lance, squared off in Tetris Push mode to decide the winner. After 8 minutes, Joe pulled through to win it all – a very intense match to behold! Joe came away with the Tetris Card Game prize, while Lance claimed the poster.

Next was our Tetris Axis tournament. We had a 3-way battle in the finals between the finalists Hal, Peter and Joe – the winner of the Tetris DS tournament. I captured the full footage from Hal’s 3DS as the competitors quickly went to work. Hal suffered an early elimination and it was only Joe and Peter left standing.

After 5 minutes of insane Tetris action, Joe came away as our winner and double champion! All 3 competitors received a poster and Joe claimed the Tetris coffee mug as his own. Could this show of Tetris prowess be a challenge to renowned Tetris DS player, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson?

We don’t know, but we can’t imagine how huge these two facing off will be.

In the end, we heard a beautiful childhood story from the founder, Jordan White, on how Tetris has affected his life. As it turns out, it has reminded him so much of his deceased grandmother who was just as crazy over Tetris as he was when the original game was out on the Game Boy. A very touching story indeed, and a reminder of what gaming really is about.

StreetPass NYC will be attending the New York Comic-Con on October 13-16, 2011 and we expect a lot of you to come visit us, StreetPass with us and of course, have lots of fun. Our schedule is on our website and you can follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

Here is the full event video for your viewing pleasure!

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