StreetPass With Nintendo Scene For Zelda’s 25th London Anniversary Concert

This Tuesday one of the most anticipated Nintendo events of the year is about to happen! Yes, the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert will be held on the 25th October in London, where many of us Zelda fans will flock together and bask in this joyous occasion. To mark this, Nintendo Scene are holding this StreetPass event located just outside the Apollo from 4 o’clock.

Myself, Adam, Stuart and Katy will be outside the Apollo from 4 on wards right through to the shows end, and I will be wearing my green Link hat, so you shouldn’t miss us! There will be guaranteed gaming and StreetPass fun, along with our competition for this event, which we announced recently in association with Insert Coin Clothing.

We hope many of you can make it to this StreetPass event as there will be plenty of fun for all. Feel free to bring along Pokémon Black and White aswell. Also some Four Swords action will go ahead too, so be prepared!

Remember if you can collect all our Miis below you stand a good chance of winning our Insert Coin Clothing Competition. Head over here for more..

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4 Responses to “StreetPass With Nintendo Scene For Zelda’s 25th London Anniversary Concert”
  1. Hey my Mii looks pretty good. 😉


  2. Dipesh says:

    Probably won’t make it for four, but hopefully catch you all inside the Apollo 🙂


  3. ktx8 says:

    See you all there!! 🙂


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