Blast From The Past: Snow Bros

With the Ambassador program being a success, games of yesteryear( that’s right, I said it, now we all have to live with it) are being played by a whole new generation of gamers. I’m introducing this new column with one of my favorite games as a kid. I remember going to Blockbuster Video all the time to rent this game and eventually the obscure game was put on sale and I just had to grab it. The game I’m talking about is Snow Brothers, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

King Scorch wanted to take over Whiteland but couldn’t because of our heroes, Prince Tom and Prince Nick always interfering. Scorch decided to travel to the Crystal Mountains and use his magic to control the Winter Wind to turn the two princes into Snowmen. At least he was thinking outside the box with his plan, am I right? Whiteland was doomed without the princes on guard. With the Princes turned to snow, the evil king set his sights on Snowland and kidnapped their twin princesses, Teri and Tina.  The Snowmen knew they had to rescue the Princesses and make Scorch pay as well as bringing peace back to Snowland and Whiteland. Pretty straight forward story of the game, which is told in a “scene by scene”storybook-like telling that has some great music and I still have to watch it every time I play it.

The game is pretty straight forward, clear levels by trapping all the monsters in snowballs and be quick about it because if you’re not, a pumpkin-like monster will come and try to take you out. Levels have a simple design that you might think would get on your nerves at times but with the catchy music and different monsters to trap in snow, the game doesn’t have that repetitive feel to it. The length of the game helps that as well, seeing as though it’s only 50 floors/levels long. Power-ups play a vital role in the game as well such as potion collecting. Red makes you run faster. Yellow and Blue affect your snow throwing abilities but don’t die because you’ll lose your power-ups. The music is some of my favorite on the Nintendo. Near the end of the game, the music has that “your quest is almost complete!” Capcom helped with this game so the music is going to be great. Capcom and Nintendo, winning combo for music and games for the NES.

As with every game, you take the good with the bad. The main problem I have with Snow Brothers is that it is too short. If it had another 10-20 levels, it would be perfect but I guess I will have to settle for 50. Also, no Online play or Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s not like the game was made in 1991. Oh Wait, it was. Obviously I’m kidding with the online play for a Nintendo game but the game got it right with it being a two player game. To recap, the only real problem I have with Snow Brothers is that it’s too short. I’ve learned that Snow Brothers is a very hard game to get your hands on. I’m just glad that I never sell my games and that I hold on to some great games. Snow Brothers is truly one of my favorite games and I have a lot of great memories playing it as a kid and that’s why I’m giving Snow Brothers for the NES a 9/10. If it was longer, it would be a Ten for me. Be on the lookout for more “Blast From the Past” reviews.

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