Missed Out On Nintendo Direct Today? Watch It Here!

Have you missed all the Nintendo news and action today due to work, school, or other reasons that get in the way of your gaming life? Look no further. Catch up on all the latest happenings by watching the full Nintendo Direct conference now in the video below.

Iwata finally confirmed that we would indeed be getting the 3D video recording feature for 3DS. It will be integrated into the 3DS camera app, allowing users to record 3D videos of up to ten minutes using the outer two cameras on the system. We will see this new feature in the late November update.

Our update in November will also see an all new StreetPass Quest. StreetPass Quest 2 will feature a brand new map, new monsters, and allow us to attack with more than one Mii at a time. Only those that have completed the first quest will be able to play this new Mii adventure.

Nintendo Letter Box was also mentioned which we reported earlier, read here for details. New Limited Edition Mario 3DS consoles were revealed for Club Nintendo members in Japan, limited to 3,000 consoles, 1,000 for each of the 3 designs. All entrants will receive a free 3D Classic, Kid Icarus. Nintendo of Europe later revealed that we would also see a new 3D Classic, in the shape of Kirby’s Adventure. We will see this on our eShop on the 17th November.

What did you think of Nintendo Direct?

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One Response to “Missed Out On Nintendo Direct Today? Watch It Here!”
  1. Really like this kind of direct conference. I hope we see more of this in the future.


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