Nintendo’s London Presence – Report. The Start of Something?

And so today it happened. Nintendo’s muted launch into the UK retail business. Notably not what fans were expecting. This, never the less, can be seen as Nintendo Europe’s first tentative steps into a very risky business. Retail, and all the trepidation that come with such a personal Company/Customer relationship, has been embarked on in this semi-official Nintendo presence.

In partnership with John Lewis, a company known for putting the customer first in every way and scoring consistently high in retail benchmarks, Nintendo seems to have chosen the very best retailer on the high Street to pair up with. John Lewis’s values are inline with that of Nintendo’s.

At 9:30am today, a very muted and (as of yet) unpublicized opening of such a significant presence for Nintendo on London’s premier shopping destination – Oxford Street. Footfall was respectable and was at points higher than in other parts of the 5 floor department store. Large numbers, mainly young families along with followers of our Twitter feed made up the bulk of people showing an interest.

On show were a number of console and game bundles. These are made up of various items and were the complete offering. Prices on games where strangely higher than other retailers in the area, although the majority of these games do come with compulsory extras (such as styluses, cases, badges..). There was a Nintendo WiFi hotspot operational but this was WPA protected and there was no sign of an access key. The demo 3DSs (running OoT, Pilotwings, Starfox and Nintendogs + Cats) had been connected to this network but there was no access to any kind of online content. Even Nintendo Zone got nothing! Perhaps this can be explained as an opening glitch. On a positive note. The area looks bright, welcoming, well organized and presented. Wonderful visual properties, with Mario game imagery in every direction. In other words being in this space, you full well know you’re in a Nintendo Land.

Never the less it has to be noted that in some respects this falls someway short of many Nintendo fans expectations. Smaller than most expected. Hardly any Nintendo merchandise for hardcore fans were on offer. We are sorry to say, be under no illusion, this is most definitely not Europe’s take on Nintendo World yet.

There is a glimmer of hope that this can still offer up some kind of Nintendo fan comfort. This Monday the 24th John Lewis (with Nintendo’s support) will be hosting an opening party for their entire 4th floor refurbishment (of which this Nintendo presence made up a part). Nintendo will be taking part in this celebration with Mario and Luigi in attendance. This will mark the official opening of what so far could be seen as a lackluster effort in the eyes of Nintendo fans. The other ray of hope is that because Nintendo have an official say over this retail space, product launches and game demonstrations are planned to take part here.

After all, this can be seen as Nintendo’s first steps to something much bigger.

9 Responses to “Nintendo’s London Presence – Report. The Start of Something?”
  1. Will says:

    You forgot to mention the prices, most games were marked up at £10 – £15 over other high street retailers, on another note is Nintendo Zone available at Best Buys in this country?


    • There we go. You are quite right. I have updated the article inform of the price differences found. As for your Nintendo Zone question I am not entirely sure. Will hold back from guessing. What did you make of the presence??


  2. Will says:

    I streetpassed you in the store and saw Nintendo Zone as your last played title which is why I asked…
    The presence was quiet and secret, haven’t seen the shop mentioned on the main Nintendo website. When I checked the Mii Plazas the 3DS units only had 3-4 streetpasses so not many 3DS owners have checked it out The units seem to be actual 3DS units and not demo ones but haven’t got Nintendo Video, Pokedex 3D or the 3D trailers and are not showing off all the features.

    The only positive is that it is an place to pick up a few easy streetpass hits from the units on display.


  3. Solo -sun says:


    I don’t understand why the games have higher prices. i think no one will buy games from there.


  4. mario says:

    Is this the real Nintendo world in Europe?


  5. Here’s a picture update from the stores official opening today: Enjoy…


  6. always customers first


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