StreetPass, SpotPass and Online Multiplayer Details for Mario Kart 7 Revealed

In the latest Iwata Asks, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno and Global President Satoru Iwata discuss the new online features in Mario Kart 7, including StreetPass, Communities, and more. There are some great details revealed regarding SpotPass and Online Multiplayer too.

First, Iwata reveals that development on the new game is nearly complete and that he took part in some test racing recently – and came last! Glad to hear that even the Global President of Nintendo is perhaps not much better than I am at Mario Kart! So what new features can we find in Mario Kart for 3DS?

There are a lot of StreetPass features. As with previous Mario Kart games, when you race in Time Trial mode you create ghost data which in MK7 can be exchanged using StreetPass. Konno describes how exchanging Ghost data this way is different to downloading data for people you have no connection with over the internet, as these are people you may work with or travel on the bus or train with.

Like Mario Kart Wii, there will also be a Mario Kart Channel to install on the 3DS home screen that will give you all kinds of information. Visiting the channel from within the game shows you all the incoming information from StreetPass and SpotPass including player records for people you have raced against over the internet. It will show you how many people you have met over StreetPass, how many times you have won and lost against them and you can also race against a players Mii in a Grand Prix.

Those Mii’s will be equipped with the Kart that they usually race in, and their combination of Kart parts will appear in the game too. The Mii will also have play style characteristics, so if that person fires a lot of shells or takes a lot of shortcuts their Mii will race that way against you. It will be different to racing a regular Grand Prix.

As we know, MK7 features customisable Karts and some of the parts of your Kart that you can change, such as the tyres and frame, will be locked in the game from the start. You can, however, get some of these parts by beating a Mii that you meet in StreetPass that has those parts. The more StreetPasses you have the more parts you can win. Finally, he also revealed that you can see if someone you met via StreetPass is online and then race against them over the internet too.

With the SpotPass feature of 3DS, certain data can be transferred via a Wi-Fi connection, including data for ‘around 20’ ghosts daily. Fast and slow ghosts with similar levels to you from each of the games 32 tracks will be downloaded each day, as players ghost data is automatically uploaded to Nintendo’s servers as you play.

Differently to previous games though, where you raced 1 on 1 against the ghost of someone with a similar play skill, this time you race against 7 other ghosts at the same time. You race against a good balance of fast and slow ghosts and will see the different racing lines that people take and quickly see the difference between good and bad racers at the same time.

Online Multiplayer
Described as the games key feature, Online Multiplayer features smooth 8 player racing at 60fps. Once again, Global Matchmaking is supported as well as a new Communities feature. This allows you to create and use 8 ‘places’ to which you can invite players to join using a 14 digit code. Intended to be easier than exchanging Friend Codes like we have in the past, now you just need one code to join a Community and join in the fun.

Hideki Konno hopes that people are looking forward to playing Mario Kart 7, with these new features that enhance the single and multiplayer modes. From hearing all about this and having played the demo version at Eurogamer I know I am and certainly think Mario Kart 7 is going to be the reason to own a 3DS when it’s released early December.

You can be sure to see Nintendo Scene Communities as soon as possible and we hope you’ll be able to join us there for some racing!

One Response to “StreetPass, SpotPass and Online Multiplayer Details for Mario Kart 7 Revealed”
  1. Wow,… the pairing process that happens just when you StreetPass someone is awesome! Mario Kart 7 is gonna be as addictive as ever.


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