One Response to “Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma concludes the symphony”
  1. Lhiza says:

    Yeah, it would be nice to see something good since StarFox 1, 2 and 64. Still no true evecnide of anything new still.As far as the later ones went Adventures was of course the RareWare dropped Dinosaur Planet project for the Nintendo 64, that had Krystal as a cat and Sabre, the male lead, and was modified to have Fox slapped on. Assault I thought was a step in the right direction with a fresh part to the story with voice acting I was quite a fan of. Though everyone debates about the on foot part, it was something fresh and wasn’t that bad. There could have indeed been more Arwing action though. Command, though directed by the the one who used to be the lead programmer for StarFox 1, I thought had a horrid story with horrible writing. It was like some sort of crappy fanfiction. Didn’t like the character design either. Ring any bell-shaped heads?


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