Luigi is a Playable Character in Super Mario 3D Land

In a new video clip, Nintendo have revealed that Luigi will be a playable character in Super Mario 3D Land. In the latest Iwata asks interview, Kenta Motokura, art director, confirms that you can play as Luigi in special stages that will be revealed in the game after you beat world 8-4.

Also revealed is that once you have completed each stage in the game you will be able to play through it again in time attack mode in a race against a shadow Mario. You will be able to trade your stage run through times with other players using StreetPass. Finally it has also been confirmed that the tanooki suit in the game includes the ability to turn Mario into a statue.

Let us know what you think and you can check out the video clip here. I for one am certainly looking forward to the game’s release on the 18th November.

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