Nintendo Exploring New Gaming Genres

Nintendo have always been at the forefront of innovation. With the success of the Wii’s motion gaming bringing gaming to the masses, it seems they have a few more ideas up their sleeve, and are looking at developing “new software fields”. With the fast rise of Smart Phone gaming ever threatening, it’s great to hear Nintendo are aknowledging the need to evolve. Speaking at a recent financial briefing, Nintendo said:

“Aiming for the next fiscal year, we are also working on new genres of software that may attract people who are not particularly interested in video games,” said Iwata-san.

“In order to further expand the definition of video games and to create new software fields under our gaming population expansion strategy, we are planning to launch several new software titles in the next fiscal year,” he continued.

“Some of you may be thinking that, with the expansion of smartphones today, proposing new genres, such as the company did with Brain Training and Wii Fit, might be difficult.”

“However, the company will aim to develop and launch products that can provide meaningful surprises to the public by taking advantage of the company’s position of being able to make new proposals that integrate both hardware and software, and of its ability to develop products that can be accepted by a wide variety of consumers, irrespective of age, gender or past gaming experience.”

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