Qwertee: One Of The Best Geek T-Shirt Sites Around

I am a massive fan of nerdy and gaming related t-shirts, and up until recently, I used to find it extremely hard to come by them here in Ireland. All of a sudden, Qwertee appeared, and I immediately became addicted to purchasing their latest t-shirts on sale.

Qwertee caters for everyone, from big Nintendo fans to lovers of Doctor Who. It is a young and fun daily shirt site from Ireland/UK,  shipping their shirts across the globe. It’s a very simple site to use, and the unique thing about Qwertee is that the users vote for what t-shirts they would love to see go on sale. When a shirt goes on sale, it is available for 48 hours, and after that, boom, it’s gone. This is as limited edition as you could get! If you see a t-shirt you want that’s on sale, purchase it before it’s too late.

Every now and then, Qwertee hold an InsaniTEE sale, where they sell off random previous tees that were available. You just choose your size, and they choose the tee, so its a total surprise as to what design you will receive.

What I really like about Qwertee is that it is very affordable. Each t-shirt costs £8/€10/$13.50, with standard delivery to Ireland being €1.35, and the UK £2.50.

Below I have some pictures of the t-shirts in which I have purchased from Qwertee, but just take a look at their site for their current t-shirts on sale. While you’re at it, why not sign-up to their website to cast a vote for what tees you want to see on sale. Theres plenty to satisfy everyone!

Speaking of satisfying everyone, we have got together with Qwertee to give something small for our readers, so stay tuned for more details..

One Response to “Qwertee: One Of The Best Geek T-Shirt Sites Around”
  1. shakshi says:

    it looks very nice


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