MCM London Oct – Report

  • MCM London – 28 – 30 October 2011 – Excel, Docklands, London

MCM is lots of things to lots of people.  For some it’s purely cosplay, for others it’s about the social aspect, catching up with friends involved in the scene who are scattered around the UK.  Many come to shop amongst the wealth of stalls and sales and the stars are the pull for others, with some impressive actors, voice actors and comic creators on site.  But for an ever increasing number of the MCM population, gaming provides a huge pull.

MCM October offered attendees the chance to get their hands on Naruto Shipppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Soul Calibur V, Ninja Gaiden 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Street Fighter x Tekken amongst many others ahead of their release dates.  But I wasn’t there for those games.  What I was there for was the UK’s first hands on of Heroes of Ruin and BlazBlue CS2, both on the Nintendo 3DS.

BlazBlue CS2

I won’t say much on this as I have my review copy and a full review will follow this week, prior to the game’s release on Friday (04 Nov 11).  What I will say is that initially I was mightily confused as to why my character wasn’t moving.  I’ve become so used to using the circle pad that it took me several rounds to get used to using the D-pad again and even then it felt quite stiff compared to the circle pad.  BlazBlue looks fantastic on the 3DS though.  I was initially concerned after its announcement that the graphics from the home systems wouldn’t survive the port on to the 3DS, but I needn’t have worried as it looks great and with the full roster of fighters, you should all have it on pre-order already.

Heroes of Ruin

As reported on the other day, a six min gameplay footage video was released and what was on show at MCM was the playable demo of what can be seen in that video.  Two characters were available to play, the Vindicator and Gunslinger.  I chose the Gunslinger and rolled through the level.  It reminded me very much of Untold Legends on the PSP, in looks and feel.  The control system is well thought-out and easy to use, with access to potions using the L and R buttons, which is great because combat can be pretty fast moving and deadly against multiple enemies

I didn’t get to test out the multiplayer, which I think will set this game as one of the games to own on the 3DS when coupled with the Streetpass and Spotpass plans for the game.  Square Enix have every intention of not only making this a great game, but they want to ensure that it is supported by a solid community.


I want to mention Capcom as having the best gaming area.  Their gaming sets were sat atop two full sized boxing rings.  Both Street Fighter x Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 are out soon, and both games had a constant stream of people waiting to play the games throughout the whole of MCM.

Hitman Absolution

An unexpected star of the show for me was the Hitman Absolution gameplay demo.  Most of the footage was shown at E3, but not the level in full.  We got to watch Agent 47 sneak and execute his way out of an abandoned library, using some of the new game features such as instinct mode (much like Batman’s detective mode, but you can see where enemies will walk).  Just before escaping, he takes a police officer as a human shield and shoots his way to the upper levels where he evades a helicopter and disguises himself as a police officer to escape through an apartment block.  As a SWAT team runs past, Agent 47 adopts ‘urban camouflage’ and reaches for a box of doughnuts before exiting on the street and losing himself in a crowd, much like some of the scene’s from Assassin’s Creed.

Throughout the demo it was easy to forget you were watching gameplay.  The police officers talk to each other as you move through the level, calling each other over and asking them to investigate certain parts as well as bustin’ each other’s balls.  Rather than the random quotes you get as you pass by in other games, this made you part of it.  It felt like you were part of a movie.

Nintendo Unleashed

Nintendo Unleashed had the following on site:



Despite playing all of the games previously, I jumped on Mario Kart 7 and Zelda Skyward Sword again.  Both games are due for release soon and they both look set to add to an already epic looking winter season of games.  Skyward Sword is the game to own on the Wii this winter, scoring 10/10 in Edge magazine and 98% in ONM and Mario Kart 7 will sell 3DS hardware all on its own and will hopefully resurrect the waning Streetpass meets.


I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves.  Some photo’s are up here and there are even more over on our Facebook page.

Best Freebies of the event

As is my usual skill of collecting free stuff at events, here’s my list of grabs in no particular order:

  • Assassin’s Creed USB Figure (Collected from the Ubisoft stand after finding all five floor stickers)
  • Assassin’s Creed T-shirt (Collected from the Ubisoft stand after finding all five floor stickers)
  • Official Red Hitman Absolution Tie (Collected after watching the Hitman Absolution gameplay video)
  • Original Assassin stickers (Collected after watching the Hitman Absolution gameplay video)
  • Deus Ex Augmented Arm sleeve (Collected after watching the Hitman Absolution gameplay video)
  • Darkness 2 T-shirts – (Given away free by 2K games)
  • Saints Row the Third Bobbleheads – (Given away after playing the game)
  • Saints Row the Third Sunglasses – (Given away after playing the game)
  • Batman Alfred at your Service T-shirt – (Rocksteady giveaway)
  • Batman Arkham Asylum keyring – (Rocksteady giveaway)
  • Batman balloon – (Rocksteady giveaway)
  • Dynasty Warriors character cards – (Tecmo Koei giveaway)


As usual, Streetpass hits at MCM were off the charts and were only slowed by people not clearing down their 3DS’.

I also ran a Super Street Fighter IV Streetpass comp at MCM and was only beaten twice on the first day.  Out of the two games I lost, only Will entered and won a t-shirt.  So I still have 2 Street Fighter x Tekken t-shirts up for grabs.  A competition will follow.

Did you go to MCM?  What was your favourite cosplay or game?  How many Streetpass hits did you get?

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