More Mario Kart 7 Characters Revealed

Two more playable characters have been added to the Mario Kart 7 roster. Queen Bee and Wiggler are to join the recently announced Metal Mario and Lakitu.

Wiggler is the yellow caterpillar first seen in Super Mario World. I wonder if he will turn red and go on the rampage if hit by a shell or banana skin! Could be interesting!

Joining him is Queen Bee, the giant bee who appeared in the first Galaxy game. (i asume she will be shrunk down to fit in her kart!)

With these new characters being announced, it’s looking like this latest instalment will have the most diverse set of characters to date.

Who else would you like to see join the list?

One Response to “More Mario Kart 7 Characters Revealed”
  1. Interesting. I always like the addition of new characters to the series. Lets see how they play though.


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