Nintendo Scene: October, A Month in Review

The month of October has been a mixed bag for Nintendo with the biggest story being their massive financial loss between the months of April and September. But don’t weep at the idea of life without Nintendo just yet. As ever, the company is displaying the kind of fighting spirit that will warm the hearts of even the biggest naysayers. To try and turn the ship around, they’ve promised to explore new genres, just like they did with Brain Training and Wii Fit! I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

On a positive note, this month also housed one of the biggest events of the year for Zelda fans (and this year certainly has plenty of those!) The Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony showcased some of the best tunes from the games and Nintendo Scene were there to cover it all!  It sounds like it was a great big celebration of Nintendo, their fans and, of course, one of the greatest game series in existence.

Nintendo has one of the best fan-bases on the planet, right? But I think it’s fair to say that Nintendo hasn’t quite created a network on which this fan-base has been allowed to flourish in the same way that, for example, Xbox Live has. Luckily, they seem to be making steps towards this. Some fantastic Mario Kart connectivity features have been announced. But that’s just one game, right? And Mario Kart has always been at the forefront of Nintendo’s online presence? Well, at the Nintendo Direct conference, Nintendo fans were delighted to here news of improved connectivity (as well as much more) on the 3DS,  including messaging!

Do you like colours? Because if you do, this month will have been extremely pleasing. Nintendo announced two new 3DS colours for your eyeballs to enjoy: Coral Pink and Ice White. They join the existing choices of Aqua Blue, Cosmos Black and Flame Red. Plenty of choice for colour connoisseurs!

Nintendo made tiny baby steps on the road to having a greater retail presence in Europe with the opening of a special dedicated Nintendo section in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis. Definitely only a small step but let’s hope that us European Nintendo fans can look forward to something bigger in the future.

See you next month when we will all be enjoying Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3DLand!

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