Nintendo ‘Holding Back’ Finished Games Until the New Year

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has admitted that they are deliberately ‘holding back’ the release of certain already finished games for the 3DS. This might sound like a strange decision, as Christmas is typically the busiest sales period of the year, but as he explains, there is a tactic to it.

“Video games need to stay fresh, so it is not practical for us to put them on hold for too long, but we think that some of them may be held for a certain amount of time.’

‘We are taking on this sort of challenge for the Nintendo 3DS. For example, when we look at the software lineup for the year-end sales season, it is so dense that, if we added any more software, the total sales would not increase. 

‘Accordingly, we have intentionally delayed the launch of some software titles to early next year.”

It’s is a bold move in admitting this, especially as the 3DS’s recent troubles have been largely down to the lack of big hitting software. Iwata went on to acknowledge the lack of enthusiasm for the 3D and the poor launch line up back when the 3DS was first released.

“Of course, not 100 players out of 100 will say that 3D is wonderful. But we have confidence in Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 3D and we believe that majority of people will realize how 3D viewing can be used in video games.

‘If anyone asks, ‘Shouldn’t these titles have been at the hardware launch?,’ we cannot disagree at all.”

There’s no denying its been bit of a hairy year for Nintendo with them seeing a significant loss in earnings. But most new consoles take a while to find their stride. And with a strong line up of games round the corner things are looking a lot brighter for the 3DS.

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