New Mario Kart 7 Banana and Flower Cup gameplay videos

Check out these two new gameplay videos of the Banana Cup and Flower Cup tracks featuring in Mario Kart 7. The Banana cup features Coconut Mall and Koopa Troopa Beach, one of my personal favourites, and the video for the Flower Cup shows us a little more of the new Wuhu Island track, a new Peaches Castle track and one that looks to be inspired by Wii Music perhaps?!

See you online from 2nd December! (3DS Friend code 0087-2284-1432)

3 Responses to “New Mario Kart 7 Banana and Flower Cup gameplay videos”
  1. I like you pimping your 3DS friend code at the end there. Nice touch. ūüėČ


  2. Biblioteka says:

    The Mario Kart Wii will be released later this month (April, 27) but it is alreday available for pre-order at Amazon for c2a325. Ummm . no it’s not. It’s out in this market on April 11 and is available for pre-order for c2a332.99 from Amazon (c2a329.99 from You can’t just assume that the US release info is the same as that of the UK but in dollars. Sheesh. Do your research properly next time.


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