Pokemon Rumble Blast Review

Pokémon Rumble Blast

Title: Pokemon Rumble Blast

Genre: Platformer/”beat em up”/Fighter

System: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Ambrella

Publisher: Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak

Release Date: August 11th (Japan) October 24th (NA) December 2nd (EU)

Toys of the World unite! Whats a better combo than toys and Pokemon? If there is one, then I don’t wanna hear about it. On the heels of the first Pokemon Wi-Fi tournament, Nintendo has released the first “Non-application” Pokemon game for the 3DS. Let me start by saying that I played the Wii-ware version that started the toy Pokemon fun and it’s a great game. Does the portable sequel have the same standards Pokemon games over the years have had? Lets dive right into this toy box and find out. Make sure you have plenty of Rare Candy packed in the old bottomless backpack, you’re gonna need it!

Battle to become Pokemon Battle Royale Champion! Pokemon Rumble Blast can be seen as the sequel to the Wii-ware game, Pokemon Rumble. One major difference between the versions is that the Unova Region’s Pokemon make their toy form debut. This is the first game in my opinion that gets the most out of the 3D and uses it to perfection. The cut scene at the start of the game, showing a Battle Royale, looks great and the Pokemon really look like they could jump out of the screen. I haven’t been too “blown” away with the 3D in other 3DS games, such as Star Fox and Zelda just because I feel they added the 3D to be more of a gimmick. Pokemon Rumble Blast was built more from the ground up compared to those other titles and therefore had the concept of 3D already in their plans from the start.

The tutorial mode for this game doesn’t have that “you have to play this to get through the start of the game” feel to it. It fits in perfectly with the story, fighting the first Poke-boss, and having the ground break sending you free-falling into Toy Town. Toy Town is the main location for the game where you can heal Pokemon at the Glowing Fountain or buy new moves at the Move-a-majig machine and turn StreetPass Mode on and off. Strive to be the best by battling in the non-conventional Pokemon sense. Poke-toys only have two moves to use and players can use coins they’ve collected during their journey to buy new moves for their Poke-toys to give said Poke-toy the advantage in battle. Can you create the perfect move combo to give your toys the edge? Fighting random people! It’s what Pokemon fans want and it’s what fans have received. StreetPass your collection of toys to random people you run across on the street and have a Battle Royale with their collection.

Now with every game, it has its good points as well as its bad points. Pokemon Rumble Blast is no different. The game looks great and the 3D was put to good use. The Pokemon jump right off the screen and the online functions give the impression that Nintendo is finally getting it, online wise. The music also fits in well with the action going on around the player. Sometimes its calm and other times it gets crazy, just like the action for a “Beat em up” type game should. If you’ve read my other pieces, you know I’m a sucker for good video game music. Now for some not so good points. The game could be categorized as a “button-masher/beat em up type game. There’s nothing wrong with a game being dubbed as “beat em up/button-masher” except in the perception of the game. The game could be the greatest game ever made but perception of previous button-mashers could scare people away from the great game. Rumble Blast gives that repetitive feeling to gameplay quickly. I understand that the point of the game is to go back to previous locations time after time to recruit stronger Pokemon but the repetition is going to wear on players at some point. The catchy music will deter this feeling for a while and Not everyone loves video game music like I do( I know right. How is that possible?) The story is very similar to the Wii-ware game and this is the tried and true method of Nintendo: If it ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It! Recycled stories have worked for past Pokemon games, why wouldn’t it work for this one as well and it’s getting a 8/10 from me.


Pokemon Rumble Blast is a great looking game that uses the 3D to its advantage. Not only does it look great, it has great sounding music to go along with all these Poke-toys fighting to the death. Ok, maybe not to the death but you know what I mean. Also it has that pick up and play feel to it, another mentality of Nintendo, they actually want you to be able to play their games without having a college degree to know what the hell is going on in the game. The degree would help but it isn’t needed to have fun playing. The Problem is that the game could be seen as a game that doesn’t require that much “skill” to play and perception people have of games like this might hurt it in the wrong run. Overall a good game but it could be better. It’s still worth taking a look at, especially for the Pokemon fans out there.

Steve’s Score: 8/10

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