EXCLUSIVE: Super Mario 3D Land New York Launch Wrap Up & StreetPass NYC Announces Future Event Line Up

We at StreetPass NYC did an entire months worth of planning before this event came out. The event page on Facebook was up long before real event details came out. I originally planned this for the Nintendo World Store, but Golin Harris (Nintendo’s main PR Agency) zigged left with a huge Military Island spectacle so flexible as we are we instantly zagged right with our planning. We even went out to Toys R Us a few days before the event to hand out fliers to help our group bring a huge crowd for the event:

We knew that there was going to be a huge playground on Military Island modeled after the actual levels in Super Mario 3D Land. We knew there was going to be a Pizza Truck.

We knew that I was going to be in a Tanooki Suit that my Mom spent a month making for Halloween and we knew we were going to re-create the Super Mario Brothers 3 Toad House mini-game where you chose a prize out of a treasure chest.

We also saw that there were more RSVP’s on Facebook than there was for our previously biggest event record holder that was the E3 Viewing Party at the Nintendo World Store.

And yet it never really hit how big the event and our reach would be until we were there at the event…

We need new words in English to describe how we felt. It was absolute chaos and insanity in every positive way possible. We ended up near the front of the line due to our perseverance of showing up at 7:00 AM and by the time 9:00 PM came a huge crowd of well beyond 1,000 people were in line. They had a big video screen where they were displaying Twitter messages and video of the crowd for all of New York to see. I was lucky that I brought the flag with our logo, it wound up on the big screen for over a minute and our tweets were flooding the electronic billboard.

The Nintendo people were very nice and supportive of us. They not only let a very young member of ours in because he was accidentally skipped over the waiver signing due to his height but they even gave me actual Mario gloves that I was missing from my costume! When we finally entered the playground, we found the entrance to be a giant Nintendo 3DS where the top screen was the doorway to the entire crazy set. Trampolines were sound activated to make Jump and Coin sounds from the Mario game, they had a warp pipe slide and a tight rope that was way more challenging in real life than it is for the famous plumber in his new game.

We receive a lot of press attention not only for being the main StreetPass group but also due to my Tanooki Suit. I was glad for the interest but if there is a sentence that now gives me headaches when I read it, that would be “Sir, can I take a picture with you!?!” As soon as I set foot on Military Island in Times Square I had taken more pictures than I could count. I was on video promoting the StreetPass Network and talking about my costume eight times. Sadly, I did not get onto Nintendo Week (I did not care since I’ve been on it once before, I just wanted to show off my mother’s costume) because they left way too early but not only did I end up in most of Nintendo’s other videos but I was featured in the corporate video. This is the video they send to Nintendo of America HQ where Reggie, Iwata and other Nintendo executives watch to see how the big launches go. So I was very very happy!

Our own section of the event went well after we got our free (but not that great to be honest) slices of pizza. Our StreetPass Tags went through the roof! One member went through 160 Tags in ONE session. We had eight winners to our Toad Treasure Box game who won Perler Bead Mario-themed Necklaces provided by StreetPass Princeton. There was also some amazing cosplay and smiles all around. Sadly we learned later on that day that the crowd to get tails went out of control but overall the event itself was a huge success for both us and Nintendo! You can point your Nintendo 3DS Browser to see 3D Photos from this event and past events by clicking this link. We were also happy that even the Food Drive set up by our partners at S.O.S. Gamers and StreetPass NYC Fan “Isaiah TriForce Johnson” went well!

So where do we go from here? I want to make a few announcements in this article that have NOT been officially announce anywhere else.

Our next major event will be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Launch Party in New York City. We know it’s going to be on November 19th with an all day event similar (but maybe less insane, maybe) to the Super Mario 3D Land Event one. We have an idea where the location, times and events will be but we are waiting for Nintendo to publish it first before we confirm anything. We do however know what we have planned: A Zelda Cosplay Contest and a Ocarina of Time 3D Boss Run Contest where the winners get very exclusive prizes. There will be also Four Swords Anniversary battles and a Zelda Trivia Contest where the winners will get exclusive Zelda mini-posters spanning 25 Years of Zelda Artwork! For the hard trivia questions or the biggest rupee hog are reversible with the Giant Link AR Card on the back!

A very small sample of the mini-posters we are handing out!

The last big Nintendo event will be the Mario Kart 7 Launch in New York City where while we don’t know the details we plan to host a Mario Kart 7 Tournament where the winner wins a real life racing trophy! The very last local event we do before the year ends will be a Secret Santa gathering at Times Square near the Ice Skating Rink sometime later in December but before Christmas where we will serve hot coco and members will bring in unmarked gifts under $20 that will be given to random to people who attend. Finally, we are in talks with SEGA of America to have some sort of Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS Launch celebration the weekend after Skyward Sword comes out.

Finally, the year 2012 looks very bright for us! We have plans for EVERY major Nintendo First Party game launch for 2012 such as Luigi’s Mansion 2, Animal Crossing and Kid Icarus: Uprising. We are also proud to announce we are in the planning stages of running the Resident Evil: Revelations Launch Party in New York City with Capcom and the Heroes of Ruin Launch Party in New York City with Square-Enix. We also plan on doing launch events for every Nintendo 3DS SEGA games in 2012 such as Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure, Crush 3D and Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Games. We are also have an very interesting event on Febuary 22nd called PROJECT BABYSITTER where if you are keeping up on video game news, you should have an idea of what it’s about. We can’t give out details publicly but if you are an Adult Nintendo Fan in New York City who are sick and tired of “Nintendont” slogans from a certain other Japanese Video Game company’s American PR please join us for a very awesome “welcome party”.

All in all, while the Super Mario 3D Land Launch Party was a huge success and tons of fun, that was just the tip of the iceberg. We are simply going to get bigger and bigger! We would like to thank the New York Nintendo Fans and the Nintendo Gaming Community World Wide for helping us over the months. We would not be anywhere without you and we thank you for making StreetPass NYC and the StreetPass Network as special and magical as it is! Please keep supporting us because we have cool things planned for you at our One Year Anniversary on April 16th in Union Square!

Photo by Shu Yamimoto

2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Super Mario 3D Land New York Launch Wrap Up & StreetPass NYC Announces Future Event Line Up”
  1. Wow, awesome report Jordan. Love the videos and music. You Americans are so lucky with this event. Us Europeans never get anything this epic. Well at least we get Skyward Sword First! 🙂


  2. Hey Jordan, if you picked up a set of the Tanooki ears+tail Nintendo gave out as swag for the event, I’d be willing to buy them off you for my niece. Contact me @ chrisnicholas@hushmail.com if you’re interested. Thanks!


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