Pokémon 2011 Autumn Friend Wi-Fi Tournament Recap

As most of the Nintendo Scene readers know, Myself and Orla participated in the Pokémon Autumn 2011 Friendly Wi-fi Tournament. By the looks of it, the tournament was a huge success and hopefully Nintendo will do more of these in the future. Without further delay, lets get on with the tournament highlights.

Before the tourney started, it looks like Nintendo didn’t prepare for so many people wanting to enter so they extended the registration limit from 10,000 to about 30,000 players. Also no one knew when sign ups were going to start for the tournament. The only thing that was known about the sign up was the starting date. I was expecting to miss out because I had work on the first day of registration and couldn’t enter until later that day. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to do too well in the tournamnet because my online record is in a word, awful, and that’s being nice about it. Levels were set to 50 for all Pokémon in the online event and that was the best thing Nintendo could have done for this. That way everyone was “on a level playing field.” My team doesn’t have the greatest special defense and if you know anything about Pokémon, high special defense is a must have in this era of gameplay. I’m happy with my team and that’s all that matters right? Who knows, you may have battled my team if you were in the tournament.

Seeing as some Legendary Pokémon were not allowed in the tournament, I didn’t really know what to expect in the ways of other Pokémon Teams that I would be up against. I thought I would be seeing mostly legendary Pokémon and for the most part, that’s what I was up against but lucky for me, my Pokémon were able to get through most of those battles without problems. It was the semi-original teams that I came up against that I couldn’t deal with. Seeing as though my Pokémon were weak in the special defense department, anytime we went up against a team with high special attack, we were screwed. Sawsbuck and Conkeldurr saw barely any action and I won some of my matches like everyone does, with luck. I was lucky a few times with people I played or Pokémon missing attacks. I played one player who had all Pokémon weak to water and Seismatoad is one of my strongest guys with Hydro Pump. Another battle I won with the opponent’s Archeops missing his Fly attack and my Krookodile hitting with Dragon Claw. Pokémon, the game that has more luck than the lottery and you need just about the same amount of luck to win both. It just depends on who you get to play. One match up might suck for one player but that same match up could be perfect for your team. Since it was the first Pokémon Wi-Fi tourney, I wanted to be a part of it and I didn’t care what my record was. I was just in it to have fun seeing as though it was a “friendly” tournament. One thing I would like to see Nintendo do for the next Wi-Fi tourney is exclude all legendary Pokémon. That way players aren’t playing one legendary team after the other. There would be more originality in teams and it would be more fun for everyone playing. There is nothing wrong about using all legendary Pokémon but in a “friendly” tournament, it gives you a chance to play with Pokémon you don’t normally use and just have fun because there weren’t prizes to be won. It was just a fun time to play other people who play Pokémon. Hope Nintendo takes the message and plans more of these Wi-Fi tournaments. Winter Friendly Wi-Fi Tournament has a nice ring to it.

Orla’s Input:

Ok, I had a slightly different experience compared to Steve. I rarely fought against other trainers online before, but what better way to test my skills in a Pokémon Tournament, from the comfort of my own home. So here we go; Musharna, great special attack and high HP. Klinklang, good speed and defense. Elektross, you know the annoying electric type with no elemental weakness and the levitate ability. This was just half of my team, which included Braviary, Samurott and Darmantian. These were my trusty steeds throughout the game, surely they would lead me to victory in this Tournament? Emm…. No.

From my first battle I knew what would be coming up throughout this four day friendly Tournament. Out pops a nice shiny Gigalith and Landorous. Hack much? I managed to get rid of the trainer’s Gigalith, but out leaps a Cobalion. Safe to say I was gone.

As terrible as I was, I’m not going to sit here and say how many battles I lost. I will express my anger towards the majority of the trainers I had encountered, which were using pretty much the same Pokémon each time. I was sick at looking at Landorous, Thunderous, Cobalion, Terrakion, Tornadus and Volcarona. They may as well have allowed the use of Reshiram, Victini, Zekrom and Kyurem.

I did, however, come across one fair battle, which I actually happened to win. He had a decent and fair team; Reuniclus, Serperior, Zoroark and Conkeldurr. It was a pretty close call when we got down to our last Pokémon each. Conkeldurr has an insanely high attack, but it’s special defense is quite low so my Musharna caught it out there. Thank you, trainer from Germany for being fair!

I’m not a sore loser, I just like a fair battle. But maybe my team was useless after all…. Anybody care to be the judge of that?

Steve’s Team                                         Orla’s Team

  1. Emboar                                          1. Musharna
  2. Krookodile                                   2. Braviary
  3. Seismatoad                                  3. Darmantian
  4. Sawsbuck                                      4. Samurott
  5. Conkeldurr                                  5. Klinklang
  6. Eelektross                                    6. Elektross

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