NYC Super Mario 3D Land Event Recap

Mario fans of the world unite! Maybe not the world, but the New York-New Jersey area, sure. Fans of the Brooklyn plumber showed their support for the newest Mario game, Super Mario 3D Land recently. The idea for the event was that People, both young and old, would have a chance to play in Mario’s 3D landscape just like their favorite guy in Red. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

I woke up nice and early to get to NYC before 10 so I could get on the line to get into the 3D play area and so I could get my Tanooki ears and tail. Got in line about 8:50AM and began to wait until the 10:00 opening. I met this nice guy, also from NJ who was a history teacher and his students were shocked that he plays video games. I would have loved having this guy as a teacher. Anyway, while I was waiting, I decided to try to get some Streetpass hits, which were bound to happen. I was happy to get them because these were the first Streetpass hits I have ever received( I know, right)and it was cool to see where people were from. I got a hit from a California guy and a Texas guy. New York is the melting pot after all so this isn’t that big a shock. The bigger shock was how poorly this event was run.

I was shocked by how unorganized the event was run and how poorly certain things were handled. The play area was supposed to open at ten, it didn’t. It opened about a 1/2 hr. late because most of the press people were still inside taking pictures and they were still assembling the whole thing. They dropped the ball on that one but it only got worse from there. It took about 2 hrs. to move about 3 feet. The line control was handled poorly. Every person I was near online said the same thing. For crowd control to be handled the right way, you usually prevent fights and uprisings. There were people cutting left and right on the line which looked like one giant mess and thus people started to fight with each other. I was near one altercation that resulted from a lady trying to cut her way through to the front of the line. Let’s just say, she would have been killed if she didn’t decide to leave. Also wrist bands were given out and still I have no idea why I was given a wrist band. I also signed a waiver and don’t know what I agreed to because there was nothing to read. I was getting closer to the front when we were noticing that some of the people going in to play and take pictures did not have Tanooki ears and tails, the only reason why I was there, and to do this recap, of course. It started to trickle down the line that only people with a 3DS or dressed as Mario would be getting the Tanooki ears and tail. Luckily, I had my 3DS with me, so there was no panic in my mind.

With my Tanooki ears and tail firmly in my hands, it was time to play in the Mushroom kingdom and take some pictures of Tanooki Bullet Bill and the trademark Piranha Plant and Goomba.The play area wasn’t designed the greatest with question blocks being made out of wood and not having cushioned landing areas next to platforms in case someone fell down. This event is just another example how Nintendo doesn’t prepare for things the right way. Every employee had a set of Tanooki ears and tail as well as the press who got in early. Is it any wonder why they had to cut back on who they gave the costume to when almost 30-40 people had it before anyone else did. Also, shame on Nintendo for not expecting a large crowd would show up for this. It’s Super Mario for gods sack but Nintendo always does stuff like this. What they should have done was expected a large crowd and have adapt accordingly. Not the other way around and that’s getting past by the skin of your teeth. Also,Toys R Us was giving players a chance to buy the game early but I didn’t even try to wait on that line. There was also a pizza truck giving out Mushroom pizza slices but really who likes Mushroom pizza anyway? Great idea though serving mushroom pizza. I wonder what Toad would think about Mushroom pizza?

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time in NYC for the Super Mario 3D Land event. I got some good pictures and finally some Streetpass hits. Would any trip to New York be complete without going to the Nintendo World Store? Answer, No! I got myself a nice Red Mario shirt and everyone knows Mario is my favorite and if you didn’t now you do. The way Nintendo handled things left a sour taste in my mouth. They had very few people trying to control the line and keep order but that didn’t last too long. It looked like they staffed more people to help inside the play area, which there were quite a lot of people standing around really doing nothing, than they had to keep order and control. The crowd looked like it had a mosh pit mentality, group together for a while and then crowd forward toward the stage, or in this instance, the Mushroom Kingdom play area. There were several “employees” standing around really doing nothing when they probably should have been trying to move people along inside the play area so everyone could get in and have fun.Let me just say this, the crowd being rowdy isn’t just because they were mostly New Yorkers, which I have heard as an excuse to why the line wasn’t controlled the right way. If the line had some form of security by it to control it, it could have been handled just fine. I should know, I work security at Metlife Stadium, home of the Jets and Giants, and the NYC crowd was about what you get at one of the entrances to the stadium and we handle that just fine. Anyway, I still had a great time, got my Tanooki ears and tail, got a new shirt, and some cool pictures of one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. It was also a dark day in my eyes for Nintendo primarily because  fans(some of them) are just looking for a reason to jump off the Nintendo wagon and this hopefully won’t be a catalyst for them to jump off.

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  1. Hey steve, any chance you might sell that set of Tanooki tail+ears you snagged at the launch party event? My niece would love them and I’d happily pay you well for your pair. If you’re interested, contact me @


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