Zelda Skyward Sword London UK Launch Report

Despite a great incentive of a free Limited Edition Skyward Sword bundle for the first 100 link costumed punters,  the turnout was not to any great scale as had been anticipated. Our best estimate would put the queue of Links in line before store opening at no more than fifty! Never the less the buzz generated was amazing. The large number of fans turning out clad in Green and welding link’s master swords was truly a sight to behold. Everyone singing tunes from the game, playing their ocarinas.. The first in line was a very nice fan by the name of Marwan Elgamal who coincidentally was the first in line for the 3DS’ launch in the UK! Don’t know how he keeps getting in line first. The main release venue was clearly to be Game on Oxford Street, despite other stores around the capital opening their doors earlier from 8am, with HMV only five minutes along Oxford Street opening at 8:30am. Regardless of Game opening later, they clearly made the effort to dress-up their Oxford Street store with real greenery, as we reported live from our Twitter feed over night. Once we got in everyone headed straight for the counter (of course), the vast majority of everyone got the game for free. Within the store there was a great big demo area with four TVs all of which were playing the full Skyward Sword game. There was even a harpist stringing out some cool Zelda tunes (see video below) while fans of the series discussed their anticipation for the game. We hope you are all enjoying the game as much as we are right now. Be sure to give us a should it you see yourself in any of the pictures and videos.

One Response to “Zelda Skyward Sword London UK Launch Report”
  1. Very special experience with other hardcore Zelda fans. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and approachable.


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