Wii Review – We Sing UK Hits

We Sing UK Hits

Title: We Sing UK Hits

Genre: Music

System: Wii

Developer: Le Cortex

Publisher: Nordic Games

Release Date: 30th September 2011

The We Sing series debuted back in 2009 and has had continued levels of success. Now Nordic Games are back with a new title to the series, We Sing UK Hits. If you have played a previous title in the We Sing series, you will notice a similarity between We Sing UK Hits, and the former titles, with an easy to follow user interface, diverse track offerings and it’s party style gameplay.

The gameplay is as easy as it gets. You are required to sing along with the music in order to score points, match the musical pitch and rhythm. Karaoke games themselves are the sort of thing that needs very little explanation – you simply plug in a microphone, pick your song and get ready to belt the tunes out, following the lyrics and pitch bars scrolling across the screen. But what sets the We Sing games apart from the crowd is their bundle of multiplayer modes, both co-operative and competitive – for up to four players. A bit of a loner? No problem. Karaoke Mode, Singing Lessons and Solo Mode should keep you pretty happy for a while. In the Singing Lessons Mode, Doh, Ray and Mi is where you will start off. Lesson 10 is where I really hit a brick wall going from Doh-Mi-So-Mi-Doh-Mi-So-Mi etc., or maybe I’m just really bad at singing through the scale! The lessons get harder as you progress, with lesson 30 being the ultimate test for our upcoming singing sensations! For me, the fun wore off after the 3rd lesson. I’m just a really terrible singer too, that’s why I play the drums.

However, multiplayer is where its at. Up to four players are allowed to join in on the fun, which is perfect for any party situation. Players can now team up to go head to head or sing as a group. I recently tried this at a family party some weeks back, many songs were sang, tears were shed (due to awful singing) and most importantly, fun was had. It’s the range of games that makes this part a little special with such modes as We Sing, Versus, Group Battle, First To, Marathon, Pass the Mic, Blind and Expert. Expert was quite fun out of the lot I thought. The words along with the pitch bars are removed, so its every man for himself! Best get the words learnt for all the songs then. You get to find out your score at the end of the song, see if you’re belting the notes like Adele, or just as terrible as Frankie Cocozza from X-Factor.

There are a total of 40 hit tracks available in the game (which we have listed for you below), all of which come from the UK (hence the title!).  The track list includes a little something for everyone, promising to please Queen fans and David Bowie fans, up to the recent Adele and Jessie J fans. This diversity of the listing makes We Sing a great party title, it aims to please everyone while providing hours of fun. Also while I’m on the topic of tracks, a lack of DLC can be a major setback for most people. Many people, including myself can get quite bored easily and want to move onto the next thing, and I really don’t fancy buying a new game to try out new tracks.

At the end of the day, We Sing UK Hits is quite fun, and that’s what I set out for when this came through the letter box. Single player’s offerings may not please many, but the multiplayer side of things promises a nice little treat for all. Just some small things annoyed me slightly, like in Expert, the music videos was a few seconds ahead of the singing, I got slightly confused most of the time. No DLC was a big issue aswell, I would like a catalogue of songs to choose from when Friends and Family are invited over, the young crowd have no idea who Lulu is, and only want the Jessie J’s and Tinie Tempah’s of today.
Orla’s Score: 7/10
Quickfire Review: Nice collection of songs, Enough to keep the crowd pleased, and some hours of fun are definitely included. Invite the pals over, sing your hearts out and knock yourselves out!
Below is the list of songs included in We Sing UK Hits:
  • Adele – Chasing Pavements
  • Amy Winehouse – Rehab
  • The Animals – The House of the Rising Sun
  • Banarama – Venus
  • The Beautiful South – A Little Time
  • Blur – Girls and Boys
  • Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
  • Coldplay – Speed of Sound
  • David Bowie – Let’s Dance
  • Dido – White Flag
  • Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man
  • East 17 – Stay Another Day
  • Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up
  • Elton John – Candle In The Wind
  • Example – Kickstarts
  • Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love
  • Gabrielle – Dreams
  • Happy Mondays – Step On
  • James Blunt – You’re Beautiful
  • Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne – Down
  • Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude
  • Kim Wilde – Kids in America
  • Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
  • Lulu & The Luvvers – Shout
  • Madness – It Must Be Love
  • McFly – 5 Colours In Her Hair
  • Plan B – She Said
  • Pulp – Common People
  • Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure
  • Radiohead – Creep
  • Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
  • The Saturdays – Missing You
  • Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are
  • Sugababes – Push The Button
  • Texas – I Don’t Want A Lover
  • Tinchy Stryder Ft. N-Dubz – Number 1
  • The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
  • Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
  • Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
One Response to “Wii Review – We Sing UK Hits”
  1. Paul says:

    Not into signing much, but I’ve got a house party coming up. Might have to get to cater for those who need to sign. Thanks for the track list too. I was looking all over for it.


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