“Party in The Sky” – Skyward Sword Launch Party with StreetPass NYC! Event Report

StreetPass NYC, along with New York City’s finest Nintendo fans (and many more from elsewhere) came out to the Nintendo World Store on November 19th to celebrate the launch of the next great game in the illustrious Legend of Zelda series, titled “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”. The new adventure features Link on a quest to save Zelda from the clutches of Ghirahim, a dweller of the surface below their home of Skyloft, a town which is nestled in the sky.

Fans were treated to an early release of the game (official date being 11/20), a trivia contest put on by the store and photo opportunities with various cosplayers, Zelda merchandise and the Master Sword pedestal in the museum area. Most of the store was transformed into a Zelda fan’s dream – a museum filled to the brim with memorabilia, a very large triforce (introduced from the Ocarina of Time 3D event) adorning the windows and also a nice Zelda 25th Anniversary section with a small Zelda timeline (by release date, not chronology – who knows how they’d structure that one under the latter?) – very pleasing to view first-hand.

Nintendo superfan Isaiah-Triforce Johnson was the first person to obtain a copy of the game at the event, after waiting for about a week. We were also thrilled to have YouTube sensation, NintendoFanGirl and her friend Krystle attend the event with us! StreetPass Princeton’s co-founder Nicholas Oehlberg presented them both with perler bead necklaces of Bunny Link from A Link to the Past. Our founder (and fellow NA team member) Jordan White conducted an interview with the both of them, which you can watch here.

Our own event trivia, making a return from the Ocarina of Time 3D event, was very popular as people seemed to enjoy our prizes of high-quality Zelda posters! It proved to be a hit among the attendees as the store’s own trivia didn’t provide prizes, but we did!

Finally, our cosplay showcase went very well as Jordan went around and interviewed the best cosplayers seen at the event. Each winner was presented with perler bead necklaces (created by StreetPass Princeton) as rewards for their creations. You can watch all of their interviews on the official StreetPass NYC YouTube Channel!

The event itself ran very fluidly – no sense of disarray was felt at all, which was very nice. Fans were very orderly with the Skyward Sword game queue  and we had a blast asking them questions in our own trivia contest. While the only gripe was no prizes for the store’s own trivia, the event was still very decent and we all had much fun! It’s really great to attend some of these events – something cool always happens and you can bet that you’ll have a great time just interacting with fellow Nintendo fans about your favorite games, getting StreetPass tags and much more!

But just how crazy were the StreetPass tags? Well, fans were festive enough to have their Mii characters wear Link hats for the duration of the event, very much like the fans did at the Ocarina of Time 3D event back in June!

That will be all for now – hope you enjoy the full Skyward Sword launch event video below and maybe after, you can check out the full photo album set on Flickr, check out the official fan page to like StreetPass NYC and be sure to follow us on Twitter! Be sure to view my photos from the live coverage below!

We’ll see you next month for the Mario Kart 7 launch event! Go StreetPass!!!

Some pictures taken at the event for our live twitter reporting.

2 Responses to ““Party in The Sky” – Skyward Sword Launch Party with StreetPass NYC! Event Report”
  1. You guys get all the fun over in the US.


  2. Noko Noko says:

    Awww, US gets everything! What about us UK fans? We have nothing!

    There so should be a London Nintendo World!


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