Dragon Warrior Monsters remake announced for 3DS

With the rumours of a new Pokemon game floating around, you’d think you already had enough monster catching, breeding and fighting on the horizon. But you were wrong, you fools!

Anyone else remember the title screen above? Dragon Warrior Monsters (or ‘Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Adventure’ in Japan) came out over ten years ago as a spin-off from the main Dragon Quest series. This was back when Enix was its own company and the merger with Square was a few years of furtive glances over the negotiating table away. And now Square Enix, on their Japanese site, have announced a remake for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game, for those who didn’t pick it up (and I get the impression many didn’t, seeing as it seemed like a shameless Pokemon cash-in, even though many of the mechanics had been established back in Dragon Quest 5), revolves around acquiring a huge variety of monsters by exploring randomly-generated game maps, levelling them up and fighting against other monsters and other tamers like yourself. Unlike in Pokemon, however, sentimentality for the critters is kept to a minimum, as to get the most powerful creatures, you must breed them with others, which results in the two parents running off into the sunset. It’s basically a finely-honed animal eugenics game.

The remake is planned for release next year.

What do you think of this news? A remake too far? Let us know in the comments below.

2 Responses to “Dragon Warrior Monsters remake announced for 3DS”
  1. Sam Peace says:

    I for one welcome games that are similar to Pokemon because proper Pokemon games don’t come out often enough and there isn’t any worthy competition around.


  2. jimjamz says:

    I played a LOT of DWM back in the day, and I found the randomly-generated levels you have to trawl through so boring I had to watch TV or listen to the radio to have something to occupy my mind while I did them.
    The only thing that made it good was the sense of accomplishment from finally breeding a powerful monster. I used a guide and mapped out a massive breeding chart. I had about 15 generations of monsters just to get the ones I needed.


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