December’s First Weekend of Gaming Events – Mario Kart 7 is on!

Ready for a huge start to December?  Allow me to list some of the events happening from the opening of next month.

This Friday (02 Dec 11) not only sees the release of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS, but it’s also the Capcom Industry Charity Night Flight Club, where gaming industry professionals will be squaring up to each other in fighting game battles.  I’ll be on hand to report on the events and taking on some challenges of my own.  Harada-san, the producer of the Tekken series and Yoshinori Ono the producer on the Street Fighter games will both be in attendance.

A similar public event is also running on Saturday (03 Dec 11) at the Namco Station in London between 10:00 and 13:00 and again between 14:00 and 17:00.  Anyone who attended the Capcom London Fight Club will know how busy it was, so make sure you get there early.

London Gaming Con is running all this weekend, (03-04 Dec 11) at the Rocket Complex, Holloway Road, London.  I’m going to be there all weekend taking on Mario Kart 7 challengers and trying my luck against Nate who won the the London Anime Con Mario Kart Wii tournament earlier this year.  For more details on London Gaming Con, check out their website.  Discounted tickets can still be bought today, but after that you’ll have to buy on the door, for a still very reasonable price for a whole weekend of entertainment.  You can also buy an evening ticket on the Saturday night for just £5 if you’re busy during the day, I’ll still be there, powered on caffeine playing Mario Kart 7 and listening to the awesome sounds of the Nintendisco boys.

And it’s not gaming related, but the lovely Maids of Maids of England are holding another Maid Cafe this Sat (03 Dec 11) at Cafe VN on Clerkenwell Road, London.  I usually provide a Wii gaming service there for the guests to play against the Maids, but I am unable to this weekend as there’s so much going on.  So if you’re around London and not attending any of the above events, I recommend going to see them for an afternoon of quality food and fun entertainment.

And then finally, to celebrate the launch of Mario Kart 7, IGN UK are holding a Streetpass Meet at The Bloomsbury Tavern on Shaftsbury Ave in London on Tue 06 Dec 11.  There are going to be plenty of prizes up for grabs and even if you don’t have Mario Kart or a 3DS, you’re still welcome to come along.  I’ll be there taking further challenges after a weekend of practicing.

Are you attending any of the above events or are you picking up Mario Kart 7 on Fri and locking yourself away to play it all weekend?

2 Responses to “December’s First Weekend of Gaming Events – Mario Kart 7 is on!”
  1. Noko Noko says:

    I’m gonna try get MK7 the day it comes out, hopefully I’ll have enough money!


  2. I’ll be at most of these 😀


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