Join Our NintendoScene Mario Kart 7 Community (50-6849-0906-6142)

Under the games online menu, go to Communities and then to Enter Code. This is the code you need: 50-6849-0906-6142, enter it and select OK. You will then be able to race the staff here at Nintendo Scene along will all our hardcore followers. Think you’re good? Try and beat us.

  • Till now we normally meet every Sunday at 20:00 (GMT) / 15:00 (EST). Notifications go out on our Twitter and facebook feeds shortly before.

For the moment, the above code is for our 150cc Grand Prix Races with all items. We will for sure create further communities with different game modes. Follow our  feeds for our MK7 Community updates.

10 Responses to “Join Our NintendoScene Mario Kart 7 Community (50-6849-0906-6142)”
  1. NintenNoko says:

    Ya, I’ll join but I gotta wait till Christmas! I ordered it a few days a go, hopefully It’ll be here tommorow 😀


  2. We’ve got a get together tonight (Sunday) at 20:00 (GMT) / 15:00 (EST). Add our code above and be there to race the staff of Nintendo Scene. We are hardcore (well we think we are).


  3. NintenNoko says:

    It came 2 days ago 🙂


  4. NintenNoko says:

    My name is Noko on there 🙂 I joined now


  5. I have updated the post with a normal meeting time. Seeing as we were getting together on Sundays, I think this should stick. If anyone would like to change the day or time please comment here. Thanks


  6. You wrote “MEAT” instead of “MEET” 😛


  7. johnny says:

    hi my community code is 41-2746-3721-1235 and if you like to add me my frend code is 2664-2135-8245 and his name is johnny


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