Namco X Capcom Industry Fight Club Christmas Special for Games Aid (With Tekken Prime 3DS Hands-on)

Namco X Capcom Industry Fight Club Christmas Special for Games Aid

Namco Station, Westminster, London

Tonight was the Industry part of the Namco X Capcom Christmas Special Fight Club.  It was a night where despite the obvious rivalries being settled through fighting games, the world of gaming combined to raise money for Games Aid.  I’m told that over £6000 was raised through charity donations from those present.

Gaming if anything, should be as cut-throat as any other leading industry.  With the biggest game releases beating some Hollywood films in revenue and yet despite the stakes, we still see collaborations that defy what we know about competition and rivalry.  A perfect example of this is the current partnership between Street Fighter and Tekken and even more so apparent between the producers of both games, Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono who were both present at tonight’s event.

I’m proud to be involved in an industry where two great such as these are as approachable, friendly and as caring about their community and their fans as they are.  To use Hollywood as a comparison again, think about their equivalents and then the likelihood of tonight’s event, or tomorrow’s public event happening in that industry.

Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono, I and all at Nintendo Scene salute you.

In this report I’m not going to talk about the grudge battles that took place on Street Fighter X Tekken between Sega and Nintendo, or Capcom and Namco, or even Eurogamer and IGN as that’s Namco’s place to report on.  So instead I’ll focus on my experiences of the night and hopefully shed some light on what you can all expect at the public event tomorrow at the same venue and details my hands-on with two of my favourite upcoming games.

My first call was the Tekken Prime demo on the Nintendo 3DS, this is the UK’s first showing of a playable version of the code (which arrived today with Namco) and it is beautiful.  There’s a quick battle mode, where you can fight through a few rounds with a good selection of characters as well as a survival mode.  Playing through each mode increases your ranking as well as earning you in-game points and Tekken Cards.  A Streetpass feature of Tekken Prime is swapping 3D character cards which you earn as you play through the game.  The cards that I won during the time I played looked fantastic in 3D.

Also available was a local network play option and I battled one of the Namco staff for a while and then Aaron Cooper from @GameDigital. Changing characters was slightly frustrating in local network mode, as you had to keep going back to the main menu to select your ‘main profile character’ before going back in to the local network menu to find your game again, but this is obviously just a feature of this current code and is in no way an interpretation of the finished product.

In its current form though, the gameplay graphics are superb and I now have high hopes for the cut sequences that Tekken has consistently excelled at.  After playing Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Tekken Prime feels like a slow methodical fighter, but I soon fell back in to the rhythm and started to hunt out the combos.  If you’re at the Namco Christmas Fight Club event tomorrow (Sat 03 Dec), make sure you give Tekken Prime a blast, even if it’s just to experience the 3d gameplay graphics.

My next priority was Ezio on Soul Calibur V, don’t get me wrong, I love Soul Calibur, but Ezio was why I then ignored pretty much every other game that evening and why he was my selling point for hoping on this game next.

A lot of featured characters in fighting games can feel gimmicky, but Ezio fits the setting so well he could almost have always been part of it.  Taki is my character of choice in Soul Calibur (Natsu in V), but after playing Ezio, playing with any other character feels wrong.  He ducks and weaves into combat, sidestepping to avoid characters with long reach weapons, shooting his crossbow when they keep him at range and twisting and feinting with a flowing style that kept me smiling even when Duncan (the resident Namco Soul Calibur Tournament Organiser and I believe one of the UK’s top players) was smiting my every move and attack.  Soul Calibur V is a beautiful game and the level of detail in the characters and backgrounds is impressive.  The full release of this game can’t come soon enough.

Entertainment was provided by One Motion, the same dance crew who were on site at the Capcom London Fight Club, only this time they had space to operate.  The special Street Fighter set pieces were fantastic, and hopefully one of the many crews captured a full video of their efforts which I will link to when I find it.

Shoutouts and mentions go to:

Hollie, Peter and Lee from Namco Bandai UK for such a solid event.

Chin for being Chin and Aaron for the Tekken Prime games, I think we need a decider?

I also met up with the lovely Emily from Hyper Japan Cosplay and after a few practice runs, was schooled by her friend Adelaide in the game we nominated as the decider on Soul Calibur V.

If you are attending the public event tomorrow, make sure you turn up early as the Capcom London Fight Club had a huge attendance.  More details of the public event can be found here.

If you do go, let us know how you get on and what think about the games on show.

2 Responses to “Namco X Capcom Industry Fight Club Christmas Special for Games Aid (With Tekken Prime 3DS Hands-on)”
  1. Awesome stuff, I really Love the pictures.


  2. Ace article. Think we had a fight on Soulcalibur V. Even after your advice I still managed to miss Tekken Prime, unfortunately! Looking forward to checking it out.


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