Xenoblade Chronicles Will Make It’s Way To The US

Great news for our North American readers, Xenoblade Chronicles will make its way to your shores next spring 2012! No exact dates have been given. You can start pre-ordering the game through Game Stop from the 19th December.

Read our initial review of Xenoblade Chronicles right here.

Are you guys happy with this news? We are delighted for you guys, Operation Rainfall is paying off!

Here is Nintendo’s official press release:

Dec. 2, 2011

It’s man vs. machine in a new game coming to Nintendo’s  Wii™ console in spring.  Xenoblade Chronicles™ asks players to use the Monado blade to take on a seemingly endless series of invading Mechon robots in a sweeping role-playing adventure.

The main character is Shulk, a weapons researcher who must confront the Mechon by wielding the ancient Monado blade. It’s the only weapon that has any effect against the Mechon, and it also enables Shulk to see the future.

Players can customize their characters with a variety of weapons and armor choices, as well as headgear, boots and gloves. As in many role-playing games, players can then gain experience and upgrade their characters. Players can watch their enemies, learn their tactics and unleash real-time counterattacks.

The vast open world of  Xenoblade Chronicles is ripe for exploration. Players can avert their focus from the main story and venture out looking for other challenges and side quests. Hidden areas and unique monsters are scattered throughout the game’s massive world, which players can explore freely.

Xenoblade Chronicles has already launched in Japan and Europe, and has received unanimously positive reviews, including several perfect scores.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be available exclusively through U.S. GameStop retail locations, http://www.gamestop.com and http://www.nintendo.com at a suggested retail price of $49.99 in the United States. Additional information about the game will be announced in the future. For more information, visit  http://xenobladechronicles.nintendo.com.

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One Response to “Xenoblade Chronicles Will Make It’s Way To The US”
  1. Bontal says:

    Non mi ha mai attirato trpopa roba sullo schermo, troppe complicazioni preferisco altri generi. Riconosco che e8 fatto bene per il suo genere ma e8 a me che il genere non piace. Ritengo percif2 sbagliato il voto assegnato, perche9 la vastite0 e altre cose dette soggettivamente possono esser viste come un bene o un male dipende da ogni soggetto. Una recensione dovrebbe basarsi (come gran parte della recensione fatta) su caratteristiche oggettive e valutabili da tutti oggettivamente.


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