NDS Review – Fossil Fighters: Champions Review

Title: Fossil Fighters Champions

Genre: RPG/Strategy

System: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Red Entertainment

Fossil Fighters Champions is the next installment for the Fossil Fighter Franchise that debuted on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo is at it again, this time with Fossil Fighters Champions. Everyone is trying to win the Caliosteo Cup. Do you have what it takes to be Vivosaur Champ? Do you have the goods to beat the up and coming superstar Rupert and your hero Joe Wildwest?

Long story short, Joe Wildwest is at the top of the Fossil Fighter universe and you meet him before you start your journey and he gives you your first Vivosaur. After some time passes and you have accrued some Fossil Fighter Street Cred, you get into the Caliosteo Cup being organized by none other than Joe Wildwest. Win the tourney and you not only win the title of Fossil Fighter Champion, you also win the whole area that Joe Wildwest created for the tournament. Sounds like a great reason to compete, I have always wanted my own island that has dinosaurs on it. The game takes awhile to get going and that kills it in the long run. Things happen way too slowly during your adventure and the game gives off that repetitive feel to it very quickly. What helps the game is the writing. If the game is going to be “so-so” then the writing has to be top-notch and this game is no exception. There are references to Christopher Walken, the marching band that marched on the field during Stanford/Cal and other pop culture references during battles. The music also helps to avoid that repetitive feel. Each part of the island has different memorable themes such as Ribular Town. Unfortunately, those are the few things that avoid the feeling a repetition.

Digging up fossils is the main way to get more Vivosaurs to fights for the cause. However this is the start of an endless cycle that feels more tedious the more times you have to do it. Start out by using the sonar scanner to locate fossils. This is a cool way to find new Vivosaurs to join the team but most times you have to fight other people who just happen to be hiding underground waiting for you to dig up the fossil and challenge you for the fossil. The game feels like Pokemon meets Jurassic Park. The battle system also feels WAY too complicated for a game that was probably designed for younger players. Fastest team goes first and that’s really the only part that is simple. You need to study the battlefield and make smart attacks and strategize moves in advance, not a problem for the older player but if you’re a young player, it might take some time to adjust to the battle style that works for you. The cleaning robot is by no means an easy machine to use. The point of the cleaning robot is to clean the Vivosaur fossils and score high marks to achieve better starting level Dino’s. There are weak points in the dirt to make it easier to clean faster but it is easy to mess up the whole fossil and lose it. Another way the game feels forced is that you can get several copies of fossils and try to re-clean them and get better scores/levels. For these reasons, I’m giving Fossil Fighters: Champions for the DS a 7.5/10. The game is good but can be a lot better.


To sum up, Fossil Fighters Champion is a good game and has some moments that really show an effort on behalf of the creators. However there are far too many instances that give off the “repeat” feel to it such as the fossil cleaning mini game and the “fight for the fossil” battles. The music and the writing try to provide a fun experience and they do but the cons far outweigh the pros. For these reasons, I give Fossil Fighters Champions a 7.5/10

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