Follow Rainbow Road! Mario Kart 7 Launch Party & Tournament with StreetPass NYC – Event Report

New York City’s massive base of Nintendo fans came out on December 4th to celebrate the launch of the next entry in the illustrious Mario Kart series, titled “Mario Kart 7” for the Nintendo 3DS system.

The fans were treated to many races with others, photo opportunities with the Mario mascot, an actual Mario Kart inside the store to admire and also the newest addition to Mario Kart’s roster of characters, Metal Mario!

StreetPass NYC was there to hang out, get StreetPass tags and more importantly, to host our 64-player Mario Kart 7 tournament! Out of 64 slots, 60 people signed up for a chance to win our tournament trophy and very early bragging rights for our StreetPass NYC Mario Kart 7 Community!

I made it to the venue around 8:30AM and talked to my fellow StreetPass NYC regulars while discussing the features of Mario Kart 7, comparing it to past Mario Kart games (especially DS and Wii), taking photos for our live coverage on Twitter and making video for the event overview. The doors opened at 10AM and a steady queue was made in order to purchase the game. Almost immediately, StreetPass lights began to flicker, the air was filled to the brim with Mario Kart 7 buzz as we promoted our 64-player tournament to many contenders – 60 of which who were hopeful of winning our first-place trophy! The Mario mascot line lasted for the duration of the event, many photos of the Mario Kart setup were taken and Metal Mario (staff member Sean) was having fun racing with others in Mario Kart matches.

The tournament began at 1:30PM as we had Isaiah-Triforce Johnson helping us to manage the tournament through to the end, along with myself, StreetPass NYC founder and NA team member Jordan White, and StreetPass NYC C.O.O. Peter Ortiz. The rules were very simple as our 60 contenders were split into 8 pools – taking part in only 1 race, with the top two of each group moving on to the semi-finals. Only the standard kart combination was allowed in the observance of fair play. The semi-finals helped to narrow the field from 60 to 16 contenders. We watched as the cheers, groans and constant “blue shell” cries were filling the gallery area. The dust finally settled and 8 out of our 60 contenders became our finalists. The grand finals cup was the 150cc Mushroom Cup, with all of our guidelines still applicable but with one change – no items.

After 4 intense races, Michael Vavara managed to out race the competition to win the tournament and earn the trophy, followed by second place Brian Horne (our champion from our Star Fox Command tourney at the Star Fox 64 3D launch event) and third place went to Sam Lautin. The second and third place winners were awarded with silver and bronze medals, respectively. The top three were also featured in our latest episode of our YouTube channel series, The Founder Interviews, as they sat down for a group interview with Jordan outside the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center.

All in all, the event was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without you, fellow StreetPassers! Thanks for participating in our tournament, thanks for joining our Mario Kart 7 community and thanks for taking the time to be here at the event interfacing with other members! This event concludes the major events planned for this year, but stay tuned to our Facebook page for early information on future events starting in January next year!

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