Pimp My Club Nintendo

Recently, the Club Nintendo( in USA at-least)  site was given plastic surgery to have that younger, more modern feel to it. Let me just say that the bandages came off the other day and the site looks way better than it used to. It looks years younger and I don’t think you can tell that it had work done.

Anyway, all joking aside, the site looks brighter and easier to use compared to the older model. But looks aren’t the only thing new to the Club Nintendo web site. New items to buy were added to the rewards section. Notebooks and pen cases are the newest item added since the site updated but still newish items are the retro Mario NES T-shirt and the Super Mario shoe laces. The newest addition to the Club Nintendo site is now you can spend your coins to download games from the site. From the looks of the site, four games will be available at a time until a certain date and Nintendo will be using player feedback to come up with the next batch of games. Nintendo is slashing prices with this idea. Mario Kart is normally 800 Wii Points but is a mere 100 coins. They are practically giving these games away. If Nintendo isn’t going to give the US Club Nintendo the unique rewards other nations get, then they have to give players a reason to go to the site and the ability to download games on the cheap is a great start. Now just give us soundtracks to buy and I will be one happy camper but you know me, I’m a sucker for good game music. Those of you in the states, enjoy the new Club Nintendo!

I almost forgot, the to-do list is a little better organized and shows pictures of the games and how many coins you can earn for each “to-do.” Many people know I have been hard on Nintendo for this service but even I tip my cap to them this time. They are at-least making an effort to make the American Club Nintendo just as good as the other Club Nintendos. Will they succeed? Only time will answer that question.

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