Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure Contains Throwbacks to old Rhythm Based Dreamcast Games

Well the title really explains it all, though perhaps I should elaborate. New footage from the Japanese version of Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure, a rhythm game that has been described as Layton meets Elite Beat Agents coming to the Nintendo 3DS on February 28th in the United States, reveals that the development team included some throwback activities for old time SEGA fans. If you were born and fondly remember the Dreamcast era (as I do, 9/9/99 never forget) you will be in for a treat as two dancing games based on the gameplay from cult hits Samba De Amigo and Space Chanel 5 were revealed today.

While we have no conformation of any other throwbacks to old SEGA games, we at Nintendo Scene wanted to share this short footage with you on the ones we do know so you can bask in their nostalgic glory.

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