Blast From The Past: Zelda Edition

With the success of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, why shouldn’t the Blast From The Past series grab some of that action. The time has come for BFTP to cover one of the greatest games ever made and one of my favorite Zelda games. This will be the first Super Nintendo game covered in the “Blast” series. Of course I’m talking about The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Put the kids to bed, you’re coming back loaded!

Long story short here for the plot: Ganon was trying to gain access to the holy land and the Tri-Force and the only way he could do that was mind control Agahnim, the wizard, into kidnapping the seven descendants of the Wise men who sealed the holy land in the first place. Did you get all that? Luckily, almost every Zelda fan has played this great game and already has an understanding of the story. A Link to the Past has great memories for me. I remember going to my mom’s friends house and they had a Super Nintendo and ALTTP. I couldn’t get very far in the game because I was young and I never had a lot of time to play the game. However I wanted that game badly and my mom knew that. We were in the parking lot of Burger King and she went in for food and I stayed in the car and opened the glove box. To my surprise, ALTTP popped out. How was I supposed to know that a video game was in there. It turns out, I found one of my Christmas presents that year by total accident and I was so happy I was going to get the game. Anyway on with why this game is one of my favorites of all time.

Why is A Link to the Past one of my favorite games of all time. There are a few reasons why. For starters, there are a wide array of weapons, most of which make more than one appearance in a Zelda game, like the Fairy Bow and the Hookshot. The game expanded on an already great series by going back to its roots, rather than staying with the platform style of Zelda 2. Many innovations were created for this game. Link being able to swim with a purchase of flippers from the Zoras as well as special places that Link could swim, such as a whirlpool. The Zoras were back but another set of characters who call Death Mountain home would be bothersome for Link as well. I’m talking about the Gorons. They would run around Death Mountain and make life hell for Link as he tried to scale said mountain to get the Moon Pearl. A major innovation for the game is the world/time( later used in Ocarina of Time) travel where Link travels between the Light world and the Dark World to rescue those Maidens in distress. Warp points make traveling around the vast world of Hyrule so much easier and there are a few ways to do this. You could either get the Flute by completing that side quest or you could buy the Flippers and swim in the whirlpools and come out in another body of water. Music makes a good game great and the Legend of Zelda is no different. In a way, it sets the standard on what games should sound like.

As I said just a moment before, music makes a good game great and Zelda fans know that music in the series is some of the greatest music ever created. If it wasn’t, Nintendo wouldn’t have put on concerts just for fans to listen to the music of Hyrule-lure. If it’s not the overworld theme that has been a mainstay in Zelda games for years, It’s the boss battle theme. If it’s not the boss battle theme, it’s the Dark World theme. The Legend of Zelda does music right and every time they nail it and it sounds great. The music sets the mood and says to the player that something tough is going to happen, like in the Dark World dungeons. That theme is spooky and sounds like something could go down at anytime. Likewise with the Overworld theme, which you could just hear a few notes and know that’s a Zelda song. Like Mario games, Zelda has so many memorable scores that it is really hard to mention just a few and say they are the best of the bunch. The boss battle theme in ALTTP is still one of my favorites in the series. It has that “this dungeon is almost over and I can taste it” feel as well as the triumph music after you defeat the boss of the dungeon and in the Dark World dungeons, the little bit of music that plays when you rescue a Maiden in peril. Music has a way of making good things great and great things amazing. Zelda games fall into the “great into awesome” area. Besides, everyone knows by  now that I’m a sucker for good video game music.

Now with every good game, there are some negatives and ALTTP is no different. My only complaint really with the game is that it’s way too easy to think you have messed up a dungeon and then start the whole game over and then realize you didn’t need to restart the game. I have done that on multiple occasions. That could be a problem with every Zelda game in the series and if that is my only complaint with the game, then Nintendo did their jobs in creating a truly great game. The game even had a secret room from a Nintendo Power contest and the “Chris Houlihan” room was born. How cool was that back in the day? The game is a prime example of how challenging a great game was and used to be. A Link To The Past is one of the tougher games out there and really shows how far the video game industry has come. Back then, there wouldn’t be any hit videos for Zelda games in Zelda games. The player was on their own to figure out puzzles and that was the fun of the game. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past for the Super Nintendo gets a Perfect 10. This might be the first and only time a game gets a Ten from me and only time will tell.

Post your comments and opinions. Am I giving A Link To the Past too much credit or do you have a suggestion for the next “Blast From The Past” article. Enjoy the post and if it creates chatter, then it’s doing its job. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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